Bogus claim: Muslims take to extremism because they are illiterate

So called Muslim terrorists happened to be educated and most are English speaking. What we have here is another instance of evidence that proves Islamic ‘extremism’ has nothing to do with illiteracy, poverty and unemployment among Muslims. These reasons were artificially created, promoted and perpetuated by vested interests in media and politicians to explain away Islamic extremism for their own self serving ends.

NOTE: Am I using a broad brush here? It looks like that; but I will make my point. And if we come to the famous cliche that ‘Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims’, this is very confusing and does not make any sense. It may be true that there are moderate Muslims. But who is a moderate Muslim? The one who is not using violence? Or how do you distinguish a moderate Muslim from one that could be a terrorist or an extremist? The words like moderate Muslims and radical Muslims or Radical Islam and Militant Islam are the phrases invented by media and politicians, which suggest existence of some form of benign (or moderate) Islam. And this is 100% wrong. There is only one Islam that comes from Koran. And, going by schools of thought, there is no Islam that does not call for Jihad to bring the world under Sharia and this institution of JIHAD is valid for eternity. I meant to emphasize my point that there is nothing like moderate Islam. It’s existence is a delusion and myth.

Below picture, which I downloaded from the facebook page of SIO k (Students Islamic Organization, Kerala), clearly points to goal of Muslims in India: To make India an Islamic state and impose Sharia, where in all Non-Muslims are treated as 4th class people. This is what ‘FUTURE IS OURS’ means. Is SIO k an illiterate organization as they knew how to use facebook and write in English? Commonsense, which is lacking these days in most people, says no.

(Or is there any other meaning that can be attributed to the below picture ?)

Dates on this picture suggest it must be a recent page.

May be some one can decipher all that is in Malayali in comments, hopefully.

When I kept this picture on my facebook page and asked for opinion, in an hour, the responses are zero.

It means Hindus can no longer differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Or they are scared of giving their opinion, lest they be portrayed as communal ! Or Their perceptions are so completely skewed that it may not even matter to them that they become slaves in their own land once again.

There is no point really in writing more on this.

And this kind of response is completely similar to what happened few months ago in UK: when the speaker asked the audience if they are morally superior to Taliban, the response from audience is near zero (here). CLEAR MORAL BANKRUPTCY !

And the ground truth is this kind of attitude of all Non-Muslims further emboldens Islamists.


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