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Muslim apostate beheaded in Somalia

What happened to the tall Islamic claim of ‘No compulsion in religion’ ?

Muslim apologists and their Hindu friends (leftists, liberals, secular s and feminists) still might say Koran does not sanction death penalty for apostasy (i.e. act of Muslim leaving Islam to another faith) to conceal incompatibility of secularism, pluralism and liberalism with Islam. Whether Koran sanctions death for apostasy is debatable as Abdul Ala Maududi, the most popular Islamic scholar in Indian sub-continent, says Koran does it in many verses. Continue reading →


Are Muslim clerics responsible for Islamic extremism by misinterpreting Koran? Is there moderate Islam?

One good thing is that Hindus becoming aware of Islamic doctrines is increasing in number, albeit slowly. While some still attribute Islamic extremism they come across to Muslim clerics and believe vast majority of Indian Muslims (or Muslims) are followers of moderate Islam, without knowing if there is such version. I like to point out that concept of existence of moderate Islam is different from that of existence of moderate Muslims.

(Note: By moderate Islam I mean Islam that is not calling Muslims to wage war aganst Non-Muslims and to subjugate them under Islamic sacred law (SHARIA LAW), which is not intolerant towards Non-Muslims and which doesn’t support social evils like triple talaaq, veiling, apostasy and blasphemy. Here I focus only on Islam with respect to Non-Muslims, leaving other topics like triple talaaq and veiling.) Continue reading →

Hindu-Muslim inter religious marriages ( 1 )

Note: One can also watch Hindu-Muslim inter religious marriages! (Video).

What is presented here, in this post, is based on what I read on the net in the past, about, 15 months. Of course this will not make any difference to such people (Hindu girls or Non Muslim girls) in such circumstances already; after all who has time these days to inquire about anything objectively. Or more importantly I am not questioning any body’s freedom esp.women to take decisions regarding their life. This post is like a gentle warning about Islam. So, if some fiery Hindu feminist woman comes across this post, cool your self before you comment, if you feel like, and share your opinion.

These days, we just keep making our life decisions based on one minute digital bytes we keep hearing from media. Or influenced by Bollywood which is not very different from Muslim mafia, but nevertheless glorified by media shamelessly; then media itself has lost its value. Many journos working in media can not even distinguish western-ism from modernism. It can not even distinguish good from evil. Continue reading →


Happy Diwali to all Hindus

Hoping light of freedom  and TRUTH reaches all Hindus

Govt. aided Muslim college in Kanpur: “All girls (including Hindu girls) should wear headscarf and not use mobiles.”

Will Leftist progressives say anything on this?

Where are all those so called moderate Muslims condemning this? Where are all those Muslim reformers condemning this? Where are all those secular politicians who never shy from abusing Hinduism?  Or Where are all those liberals, intellectuals and both Hindu and Muslim elites who literally dictate how India should be? Continue reading →