Govt. aided Muslim college in Kanpur: “All girls (including Hindu girls) should wear headscarf and not use mobiles.”

Will Leftist progressives say anything on this?

Where are all those so called moderate Muslims condemning this? Where are all those Muslim reformers condemning this? Where are all those secular politicians who never shy from abusing Hinduism?  Or Where are all those liberals, intellectuals and both Hindu and Muslim elites who literally dictate how India should be?

Finally, Is Satyamev Jayate going to do a show on this? What about those Muslims saying Koran does not mandate Muslim women wearing veil or scarf? (Just check the verses: 24:31, 33:59 and 7:26)

Koran 24:31 (Hilali’s translation) > And tell the believing women to draw their veils all over Juyubihinna (i.e. their bodies, faces, necks and bosoms, etc.)….

Do not expect anything from these classes because, in their view, Muslims are never guilty of communalism or any other evil social practice as they are just being Muslims. It is always Hindus who are a threat to Indian secularism from the time of Delhi Sultnate.

Our supposedly secular Govt. will not do anything because it amounts to interfering in minority affairs.

Of course, Indian secularism, i.e. all Non-Muslims submitting to Islamic Sharia gradually, marches on.

Kanpur college directs girl students to wear headscarf, bans mobile phones

The Management of a government-aided Muslim Girls Inter Colleg in Kanpur has made it mandatory for girl students to wear headscarf and banned use of mobile phones in the college.

“From today onwards, all the students of Class VI to XII would wear headscarf. The order would have to be abide by all the students irrespective of their religious background,” college principal Kamar Shaheen said.

“College manager Farhat Hussein directed me that after initial warnings, entry of the student in the college will be prohibited in case of non-compliance of orders,” Shaheen said. Hussein could not be contacted despite repeated attempts.

Besides headscarf, the management has also prohibited use of mobile phones by students and teachers in the college campus.

Shalini Prasad, Commissioner, Kanpur division, refused to comment on the issue citing that she was not aware about the orders. “I can comment only after seeing the detailed orders.”


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