Hindu Muslim inter-religious marriages (11): Another Hindu boy, Dipankar Roy (22), killed for marrying a Muslim girl



(Islam allows Muslim men to marry Non-Muslim women but advocates killing of Non-Muslim men who marry Muslim women.)

This is the third or fourth incident this year I can recall in which, a Hindu boy was killed for loving or marrying a Muslim girl. But how much of this appeared in media? Nil.But remember all that 24 hour coverage of Rizwanur-Priyanka case and all those candle light marches by secular Hindus and Muslims?One can not really blame Muslims if they do not take out candle light marches here because media itself blacked out this news, just like it conceals entire Jihad of Indian Muslims.Can you recall NDTV, which never utters a single sentence about Islamic terrorism (Jihad), stooping to low level of falsifying things in its report i.e. when Assam MLA married a Muslim and beaten by mob, it expressed outrage at interference of politics in co called ‘love’, refusing to mention that woman never divorced her first husband – so at the best it amounts to prostitution, this in accordance with ruling of Supreme court.Can we recall the entire media making a massive coverage of Kareena marrying Saif as if it is an occasion for celebration – a secular festival !Media loves to showcase this kind because it feels this kind of marriages are testimonial to success of Indian secularism, liberal ethos of this nation and as proof of ‘composite culture’ – I call this concept a step child of Islam and Left. But Muslims look at this, and presence of Muslim Khan s in Bollywood, as proof of superiority of Muslim men and those Hindu actresses as prostitutes…THIS IS THE PLAIN TRUTH. Muslims never attribute tolerance, secular or just nature of Hindus ( or Non-Muslims) to spirit of humanity and empathy (and philosophy) of Non-Islamic faiths but to pimp Allah.

You did not understand my previous statement, right? You see, Muslims attribute every action in this world to Allah’s will i.e. everything happens because Allah wills that to happen. So when Hindus or Christians show generosity and love to Muslims, Muslims do not regard this as positive side of Hindus (or Non-Muslims) – instead they thank Allah because it is Allah who made Hindus to act (or behave) like that. After all, in Koran, Allah brands all Non-Muslims as the worst of all creatures (98:06).

This kind of Islamic belief partly explains why one never see any nature of need for reciprocity in Islamic world or among Indian Muslims. It is always one sided.

Non-Muslims should convert to Islam but those Muslims converting to other faiths be killed. Muslims should be given the right to proselytize in Non-Muslim lands but other faiths are not extended the same privilege in Islamic world. Muslim men can marry Non-Muslim women but Muslim women can never marry Non-Muslim men. Pure double standards ! Not necessarily. We, humans, look at this as double standards but Muslims look at this as ‘justice’. One can clearly understand this truthfulness or real meaning of ‘double standard’ if they understand that Non-Muslims are like vermin in the views of Muslims (according to Koran) and Muslims view Non-Muslims as inferior and Muslims as superior. Now everything explains itself.

Conclusion: Islam can never co-exist with others on the basis of equality. The concepts of harmony and pluralism, as we understand them, have no place in Islam.

And one reason why media is so eager to conceal this kind of news is their own unwillingness to defend Hindu civilization. Then, this is too much to ask for when, in reality, it brands defenders of Hindu civilization as terrorists and hate mongers, suffering from typical Hindu mentality – overlooking the resulting stereotyping of all Hindus, a practice they caution others using against Islam and Muslims.

But, do we need paid and corrupt media’s assent to defend our freedom and Hindu civilization? I do not think so. Defending our freedom and Hindu civilization is never a crime to be ashamed of.


{{{ Dipankar Roy, 22 years old (Hindu) was brutally murdered as he had married Salima (Muslim). Both of them had been in love for a while. The victim was riding his motorbike coming back from Chandpara to his own house, when he was lynched and shot dead by Muslim activists led by Aamir Mandal, a member of the local Islamist organization…….}}}


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  1. Insaan achai ki aur bulata h .na ki burai ki aur vejta h.. Means Islam jesa dharm koi dharm h hi na.. Islam ladkio ko dhaak k rakhta h .na ki dusra dharm ki tarah adha nanga ho k ghumne ka hukum deta ho.. Muslim non-muslim ko achai ka taraf lana chahta h ..toh khud kyu burai kaka taraf jayega?? Islam non-muslim ka achai k liye sochega n non-muslim islam ko hi achai se dur kr dega kya?
    Jo non-muslim ladki muslim ho jati h usko pata hota h ki islam acha n sacha dharm h .tabi wo muslim apnati h .warna kyu apnana tha? Tum ladki nh ho isliye tumhe ladki ka protection pata nh h kya hota h krke .jab ladki protecrion me rehti h tab wo ladki save rehti h .n protect sirf islam deta h. .

  2. madarchod muslims in kutto ko maro our suvaro ke aage inka gosh dallo

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