It is always the same: Islam will dominate India, Islam will dominate England and Islam will dominate France; and Owaisi’s speech

And Islam will dominate the world !



Muslims say this all the time and believe in this too as Koran, Islam’s holy book, says this besides exhorting Muslims to Jihad – unceasing warfare against Non-Muslims in numerous verses. Jihad means to strive to make Islam and Muslims superior over all other religions by killing  or subjugating Non-Muslims.

But it is infidels who do not want to believe in this Islamic Supremacism (fascism) for variety of reasons or for selfish reasons. One reason Hindus in India give is those kind of Muslims, who are militants, are few.

How else one can explain absence of any reaction to minimal reaction by expressing outrage to what Owaisi said few days back !

What he said is this:

Remove police for 15 mins, we (25 crore Muslims) will finish off 100 crore Hindus.

Below is the video:

Some more peaceful statements from this peaceful Muslim and supposedly a victim of Hindus !

‘These people (Hindus) cannot face the Muslims, and whenever the Muslims start dominating the Hindus, the impotent army (police) intervenes.’

‘We (Muslims) will not let you (India or Hindus) live peacefully and added that the Muslims could teach the rest of the country a lesson.’

‘Not even one crore impotent men (Hindus) can together father one child.’

‘If the Muslims of India united like the Muslims of Andhra Pradesh, Narendra Modi would soon be hanged.  Destruction and ruin will be Hindu’s fate as they will witness a bloodshed which has not been seen in the last 1000 years.’

It is not surprising that self-professed secular parties esp Congress has not issued a single statement  condemning this speech. And this is not the first time that MIM leaders or Owaisi brothers have made that kind of statements, which are unfortunately being labelled as hateful or communal speech rather than an Islamic speeches or sermons.

The so called progressive media neither condemned this speech in unanimous terms nor reported it in comprehensive manner. (Their chimerical observations will be presented in the comments.)

One political analyst was saying that this speech is aimed at elections in 2014 and that Muslims this time will not vote for MIM ! Really. MIM and Owaisi brothers were known to be involved in some riots and making such statements prior to 2009 elections, so by that logic MIM should have lost in 2009 elections ! Moreover, this speech was made in Adilabad (where there is no chance of MIM winning), not in Hyderabad – political bastion of MIM.

Javed Akhtar, another Islamic wolf in sheep clothes, says: “Owaisi has proved to be the greatest enemy of Indian Muslims, whose cause he otherwise claims to advocate.” Why ? Is Javed worried that Hindus will see this as proof of objective of Indian Muslims  i.e. Muslims ruling India one more time and hinder that Islamic advancement?

Most importantly, common people, Hindus, are saying he is a lone Muslim all the while  ignoring the fact MIM and Owaisi brothers have been repeatedly winning elections and many Muslims indulged in riots when Akbaruddin Owaisi surrendered. And who can miss other Muslims clapping and chanting their pet war cry ‘ALLAH AKBAR’  during the speech except such Hindus, as this fits hardly the concept of  ‘Owaisi: a lonely Muslim with such views’.

And some Hindus lamented that this speech will be used against Muslims and Islam in spreading Islamophobia, forgetting that so called ‘islamophobia’ is the consequence of what Islam and its scriptures preach, which can be seen in what Owaisi said, to Muslims.

Owaisi’s stated objective of Indian Muslims dominating India  is neither unique nor isolated. It is just that a different Muslim or Islamic organization saying the same thing at a different time and a different place. (here)

And this picture tells what exactly our secularism is:

744_10200168528444382_206041160_n (1)

Congress ( I ) has no problem with identifying such people and parties because Islamic fascism is integral part of Indian secularism ! And it is secularism to portray those Hindus opposing this secularism and its component of Islamic fascism as communal and right wing. In fact, these days it is fashionable to decry everything that can be associated with Hinduism. Self loathing among Hindus is encouraged and seen as proof of their credentials.

These Islamic Fascist movements to impose their dominance over others is an universal movement as following Muslims demonstrate outside French embassy in London saying (Courtesy: and here):

The call for the shari’a is a global call. It is a choice that these governments in the West will have to face up to. The shari’a is an inevitability. Therefore, you had better accept the shari’a, otherwise you will find us on your own doorsteps, outside your own embassies.

You talk about Freedom, you talk about democracy, but there is no freedom for Muslims to practice Islam. That is because their idols of freedom and democracy are false idols. They will burn in Hell, just like you.

Our leader is the final Messenger Muhammad. He is the Messenger. He gave us glad tidings: that we will conquer, we will lead, we will spread mercy, and we will spread justice, whether you like it or whether you don’t like it. Look to your own doorstep in France – your own French women are abandoning their Christianity and donning the hijab and the burqa.

The Muslims reached the gates of Vienna, I don’t think [unintelligible], because our eyes are on Paris, our eyes are on Brussels, our eyes are on London. We will not stop, as Muslims, until the whole world is governed by Islam.

You will never stop Muslims, because this nation is far too large to be stopped. This nation is like a tidal wave – when it starts, it doesn’t stop. It will conquer the east of the East and the west of the West, because that is the prophecy of our Prophet Muhammad.

The Islamic movement will become a system of life under your nose. Your wife, French women, the people of France, will live under the Islamic movement, even if you don’t like it. We will collect the jizya poll tax.

The nation of Muhammad loves death just as you love your pork. It loves death more than you love your pigs. It loves death more than you love prostitution, more than you love wine.


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