Sharia triumphs in Tamilnadu; Kamal Hassan tastes his own stupidity deservedly as screening of ‘Viswaroopam’ withheld for two weeks

PFI, Popular Front of India, the group behind the incident of  chopping off hands of a Professor in Kerala 3 years back and many other Islamic Jihad activities, says it wants to make India an Islamic republic i.e. Muslim majority nation and make Sharia law as the supreme law of nation replacing existing constitution (here, here).

An Indian Muslim who helped 26/11 terrorists in Mumbai has clearly mentioned his objectives, his beliefs and reasons behind his actions  (here):

Jindal….. told interrogators that the 2008 Mumbai carnage was a part of his devotion for his religious duty called jihad. He told interrogators that the word jihad appears 41 times in the Quran and frequently in the idiomatic expression “striving in the way of god (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)”.

“It’s a religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad…. especially for the purpose of advancing Islam and repelling evil from Muslims.”

Indian Mujahideen, an Islamic terrorist group responsible for many bomb blasts in various Indian cities, regularly quotes verses from Koran in support of  its terrorist activities and its ultimate goal- which cab be read from the reasons why US banned it and designated it as a terrorist group (here):

It said the group maintained close ties to Pakistani-based groups on the terrorism list, and had as its goal attacks against non-Muslims with the ultimate aim of creating an Islamic caliphate across South Asia.

‘Creating Islamic caliphate in India’ or ‘Making India a Muslim nation’  or ‘To make Sharia law as the supreme law of India’, they are all same. Under Sharia, Muslims are superior;  Hindus and other Non-Muslims gets the treatment worse than animals as they have to abide by most humiliating conditions. Under Sharia, Non-Muslims are not supposed to criticize any aspect of Islam or Islamic law i.e. Sharia law.

As terrorism is just means to achieve religious or political objectives, Islam terrorism in India to make India Sharia compliant is as universal truth as simple mathematics of 3 + 3 = 6.

But how many of Hindus are capable of realizing that this objective of Muslims making India a Muslim majority nation or Sharia compliant is inhuman and treason ?

But Federation of Islamic Movements and Political Parties, a group of 23 Muslim organizations and Political parties in Tamilnadu, neither finds anything offensive nor objectionable about Islamic terrorism as it has with this movie, Viswaroopam,  for merely having some characters as Muslim terrorists nor feels ashamed about Muslim terrorist organizations quoting verses from Koran in justification of their abominable actions.

For example, Indian Mujahideen quoted these verses from Koran and Hadith (sayings and deeds of Prophet Mohammad) as justification for its terrorist activities (here):

(O Kaafirs!) If you demand a judgment, the judgment has then indeed come to you; and if you desist, it will be better for you; and if you turn back (to fight), We (too) shall return back, and your forces shall avail you nothing, though they may be many, and (know) that Allah is with the believers. (Qur’an 8:19)

(O Disbelievers!) We are guiltless of you and of whatever you worship besides Allah: we have rejected you, and there has arisen between us and you, enmity and hatred for ever, – unless you believe in Allah and Him alone. (Qur’an 60:4)

Fight them (the disbelievers), Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and give you victory over them and He will heal the hearts of those who believe.” (Qur’an 9:14).

“O you who believe! Fight those disbelievers who are near you and let them find harshness in you and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty unto Him. (Qur’an 9: 123)

“I am commanded to fight the people unless they admit that there is none to be worshipped except Allah, and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah and establish prayers, and pay the zakah, so if they do this then they have saved their blood and wealth from me, except the rights of Islam and their accountability is towards Allah”. [Hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim].

From above, one can see easily that those Muslim terrorists are not in violation of true Islamic teachings but merely following true Islam. This is the truth media never says, in fact it does its best to conceal the truth.

It is out of ignorance of Islamic teachings that most Hindus believe Muslim terrorists to be deviants from real Islam and bringing a bad name to their faith and the Muslim community and that most Hindus believe Islamic terrorism is reactionary to gross injustices committed upon Muslims by Hindu extremists.  

Muslims as victims or Islam teaching peaceful co-existence between all faiths are myths perpetuated on Hindus by media in collusion with Left Secular intellectuals and politicians.

This is the truth, such intolerant teachings of Islam behind Islamic terrorism, any movie on Islamic terrorism will neither want to mention or hints about. The movie ‘Viswaroopam’ does the same thing: shows Islamic terrorism but never about real reasons behind that terrorism. 

M H Jawahirullah, MLA and President, Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, said: “The screening of the movie will affect social harmony in the state. We plan to meet the Home Secretary, besides moving the Censor Board”. (here)

In the logic of these custodians of social harmony, neither Islamic terrorism nor such teachings of Islamic Supremacism (fascism) will create any disharmony but ‘Viswaroopam’ will do. One is not sure what these Muslims have seen something that was not seen by censor board as its members  have seen this movie and cleared it too.

Their reasoning that ‘Viswaroopam’ will create disharmony is nothing but tantamount to intimidation and subverting law.

Disharmony ? How ? Because that movie is offensive to sensitivities of Muslims ! Is there any law in this country that guarantees that sensitivities of Muslims (or of any other group) will not be hurt ! How does any one determines at what level or from which point sensitivities of any group should get legal protection ? This intimidation to get the movie banned is only a prelude to much larger one  aimed at banning criticism of Islam and Islamic Supremacism (fascism) in all forms of media – importantly social media.

New Indian Express reports (here): (Paragraphs from the report are in block quotes.)

The Tamil Nadu government tonight banned the screening of Kamal Hassan’s “Vishwaroopam” following strong protests from various Muslim organisations over alleged depiction of their community in a negative light.

Is the presence of some characters in the movie as Muslim terrorists a negative portrayal of entire community and Islam ? These same people never protest nor demonstrate against Islamic terrorism nor Muslims quoting violent verses from Koran in support of their actions.

…….M H Jawahirullah, MLA and president of Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, told reporters that the movie “targets Muslims and their beliefs”.

What does ‘targeting Muslims’ means ? What does targeting ‘Islam’ means ? Superfluous statements. Only they can be used in making irrational demands or forcing their authoritarian beliefs on others. The only acceptable objection is whether it is inciting hatred and violence against  Muslims like Owaisi’s speech does. The answer is NO.

……Mohammed Haneefa, coordinator of Federation of Islamic Movements and Political Parties, said the community would not accept such portrayal even if certain scenes are deleted. “We intend to register our apprehensions that release of the film with (even) deleted scenes or changes will affect the social harmony and all-round peace in the state,” he said.

This is purely intimidation and blackmailing to thrust Sharia law on Hindus and others. To blame a movie for their (Muslims) violence is infantile and contradicts notions of civilized people living by law – everyone is responsible for their own actions. Justifying this kind of violence, as media, secular intellectuals and Islamic apologists do, is akin to accepting that Muslims have no control on their own actions and, so, are not be blamed for violence, scornful opinion as it is, nevertheless this view is unsustainable considering that this generosity is never extended to Hindus.

And it is incomprehensible or inexplicable how Hindus can not see that these kinds of threats and intimidation directly contradict what they read and believe it to be true i.e. Islam is a religion of peace. 

…….Hassan has already clarified that Muslims are not shown in a objectionable manner in the film but that has failed to soothe frayed tempers of the community, which blames him of having a history of doing so in earlier films like “Hey Ram” and “Unnai Pol Oruvan”, the latter a remake of Hindi hit “A Wednesday”. Hassan had played the role of Naseruddin Shah in the original.

This literally tells how spurious objections of Muslims to this movie are. All these movies only have some characters as Muslim terrorists but Muslims finding them objectionable is a testimony to their fascist belief that no one should resist Islamic advancement by showing Islamic terrorism in movies or through any other means.  

If Muslims object to some movies today then tomorrow they will even object to media reporting about incidents of Islamic terrorism even when they are on the scale of 26/11 esp. if we yield to their threats now instead of standing up to  their intimidation. Considering that media only reports about less than 1% of Islamic Jihad, incidents of Islamic terrorism, such is the extent of self censoring by media with regard to Islam, and Muslims even not wanting this corroborates fascist nature of Islam demanding complete surrender of Non-Muslims to Sharia and its inhuman nature of denigrating  those opposing Sharia.

Muslims got emboldened by combination of what happened earlier in Tamilnadu i.e. their similar threats literally forced producers of Vijayan starer to make changes, willingness of politicians to play the minority line for votes and media thoroughly abdicating its responsibility in questioning the wisdom of Govt. s  line  ‘might create a law and order problem’  as justification for pandering to various demands of Muslims and for many other reasons . Now the fact that Govt. itself banned this movie is worrisome as it amounts to giving legitimacy to their fascist beliefs and demands and, even perhaps to Islamic terrorism or violence, which stems from Islamic preachings rather than this kind of movies. 

This ‘law and order problem’, cited here, was the same reason given by Andhra Pradesh police for not wanting to arrest Owaisi, instead they begged and waited for him to surrender. Once the process starts giving in to demands of Muslims by stating ridiculous reasons, here, it is undauntedly fear of violence from Muslim mobs – as Muslim rage has become famous all over the world, more and more outrageous demands from Muslims will only follow with the aim of  making India Sharia compliant. It is clear that politicians and media are not willing to stand up to Islamic Supremacism. Today, Muslims are using politicians and violence to enforce Sharia and as their population of Muslims increases they will purely rely only on violence and threats – whose consequences will only be the fate that has fallen on Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Where do Hindus go from here can easily be understood by looking at Kamal Hassan. This man himself, with his ignorance of Islamic Supremacist teachings, facilitated advancement of Islamic Supremacism (fascism) earlier when he said about showing solidarity with Muslims, as he felt Muslims are the victims of unwanted scrutiny, by changing his name to something that sounds Islamic (here) for cheap publicity that media gives to anyone talking about victimization of Muslims and praising everything that is Islamic.

Now with this experience, is there any chance that he realizes Muslims are not the victims but victimizers and that Islam is indeed an intolerant faith and also a totalitarian ideology ? Is he going to realize that Muslims forced the ban on his movie because of their supremacist belief that none can criticize Islam, including Islamic terrorism ? Unlikely to happen, as his reported statements suggest that he believes  those Muslims wanting a ban on his movie are not in majority ! Best of luck to him if he hopes to see ‘those supposedly majority’ good Muslims coming to his defense by holding counter demonstrations, releasing press statements and condemning the threats and intimidation he faced and our society had endured. 

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