Thanks to ‘stealth Jihadist’ Shah Rukh Khan, India gets a lesson from Pakistan on treating religious minorities! And for once we should follow Pakistan’s example

SRK is a Muslim, so one should not be surprised about his whining and complaining. And this is not the first time that he is seeking victim status and subsequent cheap publicity. Indian Muslims will always be unhappy until and unless Islam starts ruling India again, Muslims reign as superior and Hindus and Non-Muslims are humiliated under Sharia. Islamic belief itself holds that mere presence of disbelief in Islam is an act of aggression on Islam and Muslims. And it is hard to miss the necessity on part of any media seeking an interview with some one who entered in to brawl with security personnel on duty in a drunken state. And not to forget slapping co-stars for   the reason…. is it that that co-star married a Muslim woman ! But he is a Muslim and in India, that identity is an excuse to be uncivilized and unlawful and yet, those should be overlooked for the same reason – that special identity. Didn’t we see entire media writing  ‘allegedly’ when pictures and videos of SRK manhandling security guards were available ? Yes, that is the rueful state of India and our media.

With his self claims of insecurity and insensitivity, who were the Muslims advising this devout Muslim and Indian Govt.? The one who, the chief of LeT, was the brain behind 26/11 in Mumbai and some minister of Pakistan. Who can forget the observation of SRK on the eve of 26/11 that he read Koran and found that it no where says ‘kill innocents’. But who is innocent here ?

For these remarks, our poor and secular Indian Govt., never wanting to hurt the religious sentiments of Indian Muslims which could be offended by harsh comments against their brothers from fellow Muslim state (Muslims are one Ummah), responds (here):

Pakistan should worry about minorities in its own country, India’s Information Minister Manish Tewari and Home Secretary RK Singh said on Monday in response to Pakistan minister Rehman Malik’s statement that New Delhi should provide security to actor Shah Rukh Khan. 

Since Pakistan and Muslims are unhappy with how India treats Muslims, why not learn from Pakistan and see how it treats Hindus and Christians and then give that wonderful treatment to Muslims here on similar lines ?

Yes, lets listen to Pakistan for once, learn the lesson about how happy Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan are ! If Muslims and Pakistanis find no problem with how Pakistan treats their religious minorities, they can not find fault with similar treatment on exact lines given to Muslims in India .

So, for understanding what kind of new laws we need to make, lets look at some of the laws in Pakistan in dealing with Hindus and Christians.

1. Pakistan says that every citizen is entitled to the right to freedom of religion. But then it also says at one level that freedom of religion is a DEROGABLE RIGHT AND, at second level, very conveniently, it passed a law saying all the rights mentioned in its constitution should be understood in the context of Sharia i.e. Sharia law is the final and authoritative source for all definitions. (This means, Muslims can not convert to other faiths but Non-Muslims can convert to Islam. It also means Muslims can proselytize and can convert Non-Muslims to Islam but Non-Muslims can neither proselytize nor convert Muslims to their faith.)

2. Pakistan is an Islamic state. Islam is its state and official religion. No Non-Muslim can ever  be its President, Prime Minister, any of Generals (Entire Pakistan Army has only two Hindus – that too in medical corps),  Chief Justice of Supreme Court, or judge of any court deciding on cases like blasphemy and other important constitutional and executive posts. (Muslim intellectual and ‘so called’ moderate Muslim, Ashghar Ali Engineer says that all these are symbolic. And he never likes to talk about others.)

3. In its civil courts, the testimony of one Muslim male is equal to testimony of two Hindu men or Christian men (4 Hindu women and Christian women).

4. In Sharia courts, a parallel judiciary, the testimony of Non-Muslims is not accepted but nevertheless they are expected to abide by its rulings. (Can there be more dehumanization than this ?)

5. Pakistani main stream public school text books say Non-Muslims are enemies of Muslims, uncivilized and the worst of all creations. (Koran says all these things.) (Here we can make an exception i.e. we also do the same by teaching what Koran says with respect to non-Muslims.)

6. Hindus can not register their marriages lawfully meaning Hindu marriages are not recognized by the state of Pakistan.

7. And then there is that infamous blasphemy law.

One can mention few more and also write about consequences of what I mentioned about, the most important and the most inhuman being Hindus being on the verge of complete extermination from Pakistan.

Since all these laws are based on Islam (Koran and Sharia), and Muslims boast that Islam preaches to protect religious minorities living in Muslim nations, it should not be grossly inhuman if we Indians make these special laws with respect to Muslims in India.  And Muslims should not complain about this because this is the best according to their beloved Islam. Lets recall what Ashghar Ali Engineer said about Islam treating Non-Muslims under its law: ‘It is revolutionary’.

P.S. Yes, I came to know about the latest statement of SRK. All his Hindu fans, esp. female fans who wanted him to be PM, can rave and puff up or say hallelujah !

One must have noted that it is becoming more and more common for so called Muslim celebrities to  express dissatisfaction these days. It will not be long before media starts interpreting these Islamic expressions as proof of insecurity of Muslims and intolerance of Hindus; oh…yeah…when media conceals the objectives of Indian Muslim organizations, the proud statements of Muslim terrorists and all those incidents of Muslim mobs engaging in violence, those fanatic threats of violence with regard to each and everything i.e. from Book Festivals to Movies, and those individual Jihad activities….then it must not be difficult for Hindus to believe in the bogus victimhood of Muslims !


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