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Pakistani Christian killed for falling in love with a Muslim girl

Islam prohibits Muslim women from marrying Non-Muslim men while it allows Muslim men to marry Non-Muslim women and bring their children as Muslims. Islamic law prescribes death penalty for any Non-Muslim man developing any kind of relation with Muslim woman.

So, Muslims in Pakistan killing Christian is hardly surprising. And this, Muslims killing Hindu men who develop a kind of relation with Muslim women  – Ramesh , Rajilish , Jithu Mohan  and Dipankar, happens in India too and this kind of news is seldom reported by media. The same media has not dithered in sensationalizing Rizwanur-Priyanka  case when they covered it 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The same media made Kareena (Safeena)- Saif marriage a secular national festival. Is there any other country where politicians attend such functions and media putting those pictures on front pages ? And never mind those Hindu girls putting those pictures on their facebook pages either.

One might find few cases of Muslim girls marrying  Non-Muslim men in Non-Muslim nations, even this is insignificant in comparison to Muslim men marrying Non-Muslim girls, but one can not find this kind in Muslim nations. Most Muslim nations simply out law such marriages.

Christian Boy Was Killed Due To An Affair With Muslim Girl

A Christian boy named Mard-e-Khuda, resident of Tehsil Haroonabad, District Bahawalpur, aged 19 years was barbarically assassinated on 9th January2013. He was falsely accused of having an affair with a Muslim girl.

The local young Muslims had threatened him and they also used to proclaim openly that they will kill Mard-e-Khuda. On 9th January 2013, three Muslim men named Muhammad Shafique, Illyas(Eidoo) and Sufiyan broke into his house and brutally assassinated him at 5.30 a.m. Illyas and Sufiyan gripped his hands and legs tightly and Mohammad Shafique hit his head with an axe. Afterwards Illyas and Sufiyan also stabbed him with a dagger. In the meanwhile Mard-e-Khuda’s father woke up and as he started shouting and crying, the culprits ran from the spot.

On the same day an FIR bearing no.7/13 under section 302/34 was registered against them in Faqeerwali Police Station Bahawalpur. Unfortunately the Police is cooperating with the culprits and they have not yet arrested Mohammad Shafique, Illyas and Sufiyan. All three of them are living in the same vicinity and the police is not taking any action against them, even the S.H.O stated that such Christian who was having an affair with a Muslim girl was rightly killed by the Muslims………

That boy was rightly killed by the Muslims ! Why did he say that ? Because Koran said that.


What is Jihad ? An Islamic website says it is more than a spiritual struggle !

For those willing to inquire about Islam and its teachings honestly, this article by Muslims (present day Islamic scholars) should explain what is Jihad.

The questioner, a Muslim, poses the question to Islamic scholars:

Does Jihad only and simply mean to kill non Muslims?‘. Continue reading →

The conditions dhimmis have to live by under Islamic sacred law, Sharia

Many Muslim websites while explaining Jihad write that it is a struggle in the cause of Allah. Some websites might go the extra yard and say that Jihad means striving in the cause of Allah which means making Islam (Allah’s word) superior over all other religions in the world or to establish Islam or to rule the world by Sharia (or to impose Sharia Law). And they even assure that Non-Muslims do not have to fear this Islamic rule because Islam is never forced on them and they can retain their faith as Koran tells there is no compulsion in religion. Unfortunately, Non-Muslims do not understand this properly and consider this as secularism and tolerance. What they do not know is that under Islamic rule and Islamic theology all Hindus (or Non-Muslims) are considered worse than animals and treated like second class citizens in their own land as they have to live by humiliating conditions – political, religious, social and economic. Continue reading →

Terrorism has no religion !

Media keeps screaming Terrorism has no religion ! When we understand that terrorism, using violence and force or threats of force and violence,  is not an end but means to achieving political or religious objectives, how should we try to understand that sentence ? Can it mean that terrorism is not justified by any religion nor taught by any religion ? But what if the God tells that highest form of devotion to him is fighting and kill others or getting killed? Yes, that is Allah of Koran, Islamic God.

Much of the time people assume that actions of Muslim terrorists are against the teachings of Islam and are not Muslims because in their view terrorism has no religion. Why? Because media said so or some one said so. But, why not find out yourselves by reading Islamic scriptures, like Koran and Hadith, and about present day Islamic world ! Why depend all the time blindly on what some one is saying ? This post is just meant for that purpose, to give synopsis of hatred and violence against Non-Muslims in Islamic scriptures, Koran and Sahih Hadith (Hadith contains sayings and deeds of Prophet Mohammad), though it is advised that people read Koran and find out hatred and violence towards Non-Muslims in Koran by themselves.  Continue reading →

Hyderabad blasts ! Secular Congress does not know if it is terror attack, and English media wonders

And media also wishes Congress (I) shows courage to hint at ‘mythical’ Hindu terrorism behind these blasts. In India, when media can conceal violence of a massive scale committed by Muslims, as Muslims in West Bengal destroyed 300 Houses belonging to Hindus – besides other crimes – while police and the state Govt. became mere spectators, it will not be surprising if no truth ever comes out of investigations on these blasts.

And if it turns out that Muslims are behind this attack, media will concoct enough reasons, albeit in the name of explaining and understanding or in the name of some social justice, which end up like justifying terrorism, concealing the real reason of Islamic terrorism  i.e. Islam itself and its teachings and Muslims dutifully following their terrorist ideology. Continue reading →

Indian secular media is silent about ‘secular’ violence by Muslims

Indian media is all about influencing opinions, not about reporting facts. It is not the first time we saw this kind of self censoring Muslim mob violence (Islamic Jihad), not this will be the last.

Courtesy: (HERE)

Canning: Widespread rioting and looting by Jihadi’s has been reported from South 24 Parganas. Large scale looting and arson of Hindu houses of Naliakhali village took place following the murder of a moulavi by robbers while he was coming back home after a religous meeting. Disturbances were spreading to other  areas like Basanti, Joynagar, Kultali and also to Sandeshkhali PS area of North 24 Parganas dist. Trains were also blocked by Jihadi’s on Sealdah – Canning line.

Where the dead body of the Moulavi found, the nearest village ‘Naliakhali’ has been fully burnt down and looted – total about 200 houses. All articles including money, ornament, rice, paddy, cycle, motor bike, utensils have looted and taken away by motor van. Village temple has been damaged. Women are molested.

Severe molestation of 5 Hindu women including Lakshmi Naskar (38 year ) by Muslims took place at Kholakhali (under Joynagar PS, but bordering Kultali PS). At the same place, medicine shop of Sachin Sardar, saloon of Bimal Pramanik and grocery shop of Gopal Sardar have been attacked and damaged. Road blockade at many places like Natunhat, Priyor More (Joynagar PS), Bhangankhali, Hospital More (Basanti PS).Hindus have been beaten up at Natunhat (Joynagar PS).

In the village Kaorapara near Ghutiyari Shariff (Canning PS), many Hindus have been attacked and beaten up.  Dozens  and dozens of truckloads of Muslims from various areas of Kolkata were headed towards Canning all the day yesterday.

(Most of the media blacked out this riot and for those Journalists out there who specialize in secular reporting of a communal report , please refer to



How Muslims deceive (!) about what is Dhimmi

Technically, in Islamic terms, Dhimmi is a Non-Muslim living in any Muslim nation or living under Islamic Law (Sharia Law). This notion of Dhimmi comes only after Muslims have conquered a nation and subjugated its Non-Muslim inhabitants – which most Muslims never mention about.

The below video circulating on internet about this ‘Dhimmi’ and what it is, through lies and deception, is trying to create an image that Islamic concept of Dhimmi is no more different from the present day concept of citizens in a nation state.

Continue reading →

Hindus denying Islamic Supremacism by saying ‘all religions are same’ should look at Muslims in moderate Malaysia negating it

Malaysia is often cited as an example of moderate Islam and its compatibility with secular democracy and liberalism. Those who this are simply ignorant s, even if they range from journalists to politicians.

What they do not know or deliberately try to play it down is that Malaysia practices discrimination by having two sets of laws, one for Muslims and another for Non-Muslims wherein the first set supersedes the latter.

For the last two years, Malaysia has been forcing Christians to drop the use of Allah in their Bibles, even when it is clear historically that Christians using Allah is pre-Islamic practice. Such is the Islamic Supremacism.

In the latest advice to Muslims, religious authorities affirm, ‘ Not all religions are same.’

Muslims allowed to ‘take action’ if islam disputed or mocked – Umno’s Friday sermon  Continue reading →

The question is never about whether or not Viswaroopam insults Islam !

When I was looking at responses of critics or self-styled custodians of secularism or intellectuals to this theater of absurd I came across this:  ‘Does Vishwaroopam really insult Islam?‘  It wasn’t bad considering that atleast the author of this piece questioned integrity of those Muslims threatening with violence. But he does a strange thing: He literally tells what Islam should be rather than what it is and how Muslims understand Koran, and all this by making infelicitous assumptions. 

To start with, the problem is how does any one so definitively defines what is ‘insult’ ! It is highly subjective. If one brings this indeterminate and obscure concept and condition the right to freedom of expression on it then it is not difficult to see that the person who defines and legalizes ‘insult’ and takes the responsibility for enforcing it holds the sway over entire discourse of communication. That  person is literally God. Continue reading →