Sharia and Dhimmitude in a Tamil village; Hindus under siege, and Muslims ask for protection !

One of the humiliating conditions enforced on Non-Muslims living under Islamic state is that Non-Muslims do not display their religious symbols publicly and Non-Muslims do not celebrate their festivals in public. These conditions are not just some Islamic laws but also are part of Islamic beliefs which inform and influence the culture and behavior of Muslims.

It should be noted that laws already exist in many Indian cities that prohibit Hindus from taking processions in to Muslim dominated areas without the reciprocity of prohibiting Muslims similarly from taking processions in to Hindu dominated areas or prohibiting Muslims from displaying those green flags and other symbols all over the cities including  in the places where there is no significant Muslim population.

And this below incident also highlights that as demographics change how behavior of Muslims changes and how they start to persecute Hindus; hopelessly, the history is repeating itself.

The Hindu reports:

Muslims want protection, curbs on Hindu processions 

SP denies accusations of ‘witch hunting’ of Muslims and ‘kangaroo court’. The president of the Jamaat of V.Kalathur demanded that the Muslims be given protection from the ‘deliberate’ actions of the police.

Even when Muslims demand special rights and demand that others respect their sensibilities and live by their rules, they claim the victim status.

The State Minorities Commission was witness to a poignant scene involving the Muslims and the Hindus of V.Kalathur, a village in Perambalur district, on Tuesday. When the commission headed by Bishop M. Prakash had a sitting at the Perambalur collectorate, the president of the Jamaat of V.Kalathur demanded that the Muslims be given protection from the “deliberate” actions of the police.

The name of the village is V.Kalathur and it is in the district Perambalur in Tamilnadu.

What the  statement ‘Muslims be given protection from the “deliberate” actions of the police.’  means is, police too should abide by what Sharia says and prevent Hindus from celebrating festivals in public or police should not interfere when Muslims enforce this Sharia on Hindus.

“Almost once in 15 days some festival or other is organised by the Hindus and procession is taken through our streets. We are afraid that something untoward against us could take place then.”

Even after that exaggeration, one can only ask if nothing happened till now against Muslims, it is clear that Muslims are trying to use fear of violence as a reason to put Sharia restrictions on Hindus, just like what happened in Hyderabad. And the commonsense dictates that if that was the fear of Muslims then they should demand police protection and police be deployed in advance. The president of so called  Jamat himself says that those 4 streets are Muslim dominated.

When there was a complaint, 103 Muslims, including those studying and those about to leave abroad for jobs, were arrested, while it was only three persons on the Hindus’ side who were taken into custody.

The Hindu does not give a complete picture of what happened, and considering its propensity to conceal violence perpetuated by Muslims and highlighting Hindu violence by blowing up by many notches, and yet mentioning this points to the integrity of secular journalism in India. Either way, look at how it mentions in the end about what police have said on this.

Ramaswamy, speaking on behalf of the Hindus at V.Kalathur, lamented that “Hindus have become minorities at V.Kalathur and our fundamental rights are trampled upon when we are not allowed to take our processions through the routes through which we have been traditionally taking our processions…..

Many more Hindus in many places across India would be feeling this as demographics change in favor of Muslims; they will become second class citizens in their own land and get enslaved and there will be none to help them.

But for the protection offered by the district administration, we will find it difficult to live in the village and I am in half a mind to get myself converted.”

Imagine what if there is no protection ! They would be sharing the same fate Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh faced or suffered.

Superintendent of Police T.K.Rajasekaran said there had been no problem at all between the two communities living in for ages. It all started only when a section of the Muslim community objected to the Hindus taking out processions through “their streets”. They even moved the High Court. “All that the police did was to ensure smooth movement of the procession without any untoward incidents and we have conducted a number of peace meetings as well.”

Time is not constant. This statement by SP tells everything. So, the change of demographics created a new problem. Why ? The police and Hindus too do not want to know the answers for this.

The police started working out the number of processions taken out per anum and how the religious processions could be avoided through these streets. “But even as the discussions were going on, a marriage procession of Hindus was stopped by the Muslims. Then the police were left with no other option but to arrest 70 Muslims as it apprehended serious unrest.”

Thats it. In future it will be police who will be enforcing Sharia on Hindus instead of upholding their rights. I wonder why they did not put this kind of question to themselves: When Muslims were in minority in that place did Hindus ask for ban on celebrations and festivals of Muslims? No one will be asking if double standards are being applied here and if it amounts to justice and fairness. Hey, but it is secularism, that too Indian version of it.

And also recall how The Hindu reported of that Muslim gentleman complaining about witch hunting. Message implicit in this report is, as The Hindu wants it, Hindus are wrong to take that procession, Muslims are right to stop that procession and police are wrong to arrest those Muslims.

When hardly half a dozen policemen are required for bandobust, why police should seek the presence of an IG, a DIG and two SPs, but for the situation turning grave, he asked…….

Wromg question by The Hindu ! It rather likes Muslims indulge in riots and teach a lesson to those communal Hindus, which it will not be covering or cover it by putting the blame on Hindus.

……The SP also said that though invitations were sent to Muslims nine times for talks, none responded.

Why ? They would only attend if they are assured of their version of justice, i.e. Sharia.

He dismissed the allegation that the police were indulging in “witch hunting” of Muslims and running a “kangaroo court” (katta panchayat).

Even after all this, why The Hindu made that kind of headline ?

The Muslims said that they were prepared to live in harmony with other communities, but there was an attempt to drive a wedge.

You believe that ? Of course our secular news paper believes that. It starts with a sentence of allegations made by Muslims who want to trample on human rights of Hindus, which does not fit its own report, and ends with a sentence showing Muslims only wanting to live in harmony – even when they want to ban Hindu processions. And will they stop taking their processions through Hindu areas ? Will they stop putting up those flags in place where there is no significant Muslim population ?

When Muslims spoke about harmony here, what they mean is harmony as it fits the description of Sharia.


2 responses

  1. if these scums have so much problem why don’t they leave to their land of pure

    1. Why will they leave ? After all they believe that India once was their country before British unjustly took it from them and gave it to Hindus ! Rather they stay and try to make Indian again an Islamic state.

      But admit it, they were successful in many areas like Assam and West Bengal.

      @ the mindset,

      It is great to see you still carry on the work spiritedly.

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