Islamic Supremacism, hypocrisy and arrogance in full display in the speech of Turkey’s President

Koran teaches that mere presence of disbelief in Islam constitutes an act of aggression on Muslims.

And what should anyone think it says about Islam and Muslims that non-Muslims cannot enjoy the same freedoms in Muslim majority nations as Muslims enjoy in Non-Muslim nations like India, European countries, US and in many other infidel nations around the world ?

How should any one feel when Muslims still try to lecture Non-Muslims about human rights, tolerance and peace ?

But in a world, when insanity in the form of political correctness and left-influenced concepts like secularism and multiculturalism dominate, nothing happens and fascist force like Islam marches on.

Muslims in Europe construct mosques, openly proselytize and enjoy equal rights. Muslim nations not only deny equal rights to religious minorities, i.e. Non-Muslims, and play a passive role when Muslims engage in violence, on regular basis, against Non-Muslims. OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) openly rejected United Nations Charter on Human Rights and embraced human rights as defined in Islamic Sacred Law (Sharia Law) in its Cairo Declaration.

Turkeys President, Abdullah Gül, ( HERE ) says:

European countries will face new humanitarian tragedies leading to mass killings of people if they continue in their failure to embrace tolerance toward different cultures and religions.

What about Turkey, so called modern and secular Muslim state and Non-Muslims living in it ? Do they enjoy equal rights ? Read the below report:

Turkey’s non-Muslims seek equal citizenship rights in constitution

Pure hypocrisy ! Yes.

But it makes sense when we see how Islam defines tolerance and aggression. Presence of Non-Muslims in Europe or anywhere, outside the Dar al-Islam, is aggression on Muslims. The fact that Europe is not living by Dhimmah is intolerance for Muslims.


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