Non-Muslims do not have equal rights in an Islamic state, a moderate Islamic scholar says

In one of my posts  (  here  )about a video made by a Muslim explaining what is Dhimmi ( a Non-Muslim subject living in a Muslim nation or under Islamic law), I pointed out that the video nowhere mentions that Non-Muslims i.e.  have same rights as Muslims do. And I showed how that video dissimulates by concealing large amount of Islamic teachings.

This is another video made by an Ahmadi Muslim showing a lecture by a very prominent Islamic scholar. Sure he edited that video and speech but the speech is still clear about all important message i.e. Non-Muslims do not have equal rights.

Part of the transcript below (Should be noted that these questions were added in to speech by editing.):

Islam is a religion which is rooted in nature of man. It is balanced, logical and contains all the beauties of nature. But it is extremely regretting that nowadays large majority of its followers, including top leadership, are distorting its beauty by attributing cruel and disgusting doctrines towards it.
Let’s explore the concepts of Islam and an ideal Islamic state held by a renowned and most visionary considered Islamic scholar, Dr. Israr Ahmad .
Q1. Dr. Israr Ahmad would you kindly explain that according to Islam, is any person superior to others just on the basis of color, race or creed ?
Ans by Dr. Israr : The basic point is that all human beings are equal by birth. Absolute equality ! No human being is superior to others on the basis of race, color or creed.
Q2. Well Dr. Israr, according to said principle of absolute equality, would you throw some light on the status of Non-Muslims in an ideal Islamic state ? Would they be considered equal citizens ?
Ans by Dr. Israr : What will be the status of Non-Muslims ? As discussed earlier I had also told Mr Cole that Non-Muslims will be protected minorities. They will not be equal citizens. If you wish to call it you could call it second grade citizens, I don’t object. Few days ago I addressed a delegation consisting of 8 to 10 professors from USA and England. After my address, a question answer session was held. During said session none of the participants could digest my explanations regarding this very issue. I told them that I know it is a very bitter pill, but this is exactly what Islam says……………..
Note: Clips extracted from the lectures delivered at Al-Hamra hall, Lahore in February 2005, on the topic of Islamic caliphate……

Unfortunately, many Hindus take that phrase ‘protected minorities’ means no discrimination and that all are equal under Islam. They see that phrase as a proof of tolerance in Islam. What they do not understand is that in Islam all Non-Muslims are sub-human and vermin like who either should be killed or subjugated as inferior by bringing them under Islamic rule.

The conditions Non-Muslims have to live by under Islamic law 

Islam divides humanity in to two groups, believers (Muslims) and kafirs (Non-Muslims); it also divides the world in to two zones, Dar ul-Islam (House of Islam – usually the land under the control of Muslims) and Dar ul-Harb (House of war – the land not under the control of Muslims but, which should be conquered by Muslims).

Allah in Koran thinks of Kafirs as the worst animals and thus declares Himself to be their enemy. So odious is His detestation of those, who do not believe in Him, that He orders their murder and pillage on a permanent basis to bring them under Islamic law. To complete this most horrendous plan, He offers for these misdeeds rewards of paradise, the most luxurious place for the choicest carnal pleasures.

Now, Kafirs now fall in to two categories, those living in Muslim lands (House of Islam) and outside the Muslim lands (house of War). We have seen how Islam treats those Non-Muslims (Dhimmis) living under Islamic law – called protection by Muslims.

And the Kafirs in the House of War can be raped, murdered, enslaved, beheaded, tortured, etc. There are no boundaries and no taboos.

This can better be understood in the words of Libyan ambassador 200 years ago, year 1786, (here) as he said to the then US ambassador to France, Thomas Jefferson:

The ambassador answered us that [their right] was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.

Thomas Jefferson wanted to find out why were Libyans attacking US merchant ships when there was no state of war between US and Libya and got the above answer (It is at this point that US decided to raise its own Navy).



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