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Indian Sufism peaceful !! Amir Khusru – the great SUFI poet

Indian Express’s headline reads, ‘Two exhibitions on Amir Khusrau celebrate the pluralist philosopher‘. Pluralist philosopher !! There are numerous web sites too dedicated to Amir Khusru, describing him as pluralist and as a Sufi saint. Aparna Chatterjee, another expert on Indian culture and music, describes him as a saint, spiritualist, poet, composer and a historian and that the world view of Amir Khusru is of ‘SECULARISM’. But a major Indian news paper describing Amir Khusru as pluralistic is indicative of the kind of propaganda (or by concealing and distorting history of Islamic rule in India) that Indian Hindus were subjected to by alliance of leftist-inspired and Nehruvian historians. But it is Bollywood which should be credited with creating and taking the myth that Sufism was peaceful to ordinary people. To say that Sufism in India is peaceful and non-violent is insulting to Indian culture and humanity when its (Sufism’s) history is shrouded with blood, violence and unlimited hatred and intolerance towards Hindus and others. Continue reading →