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A Muslim ‘reformer’ killed in Pakistan for saying non-Muslim men should be allowed to marry Muslim women !

Simple commonsense says, then, that Muslim women in Pakistan are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men while Muslim men can marry non-Muslim women and raise their children as Muslims. Its so because it is stipulated by Koran and Islamic Law ( Sharia Law ).

The news report reads : “Unidentified gunmen on Thursday shot dead a professor of Islamic studies in Pakistan who had faced accusations of blasphemy and threats from colleagues over his moderate views, police said……..Among the articles the 54-year-old had written was one arguing that Muslim women should be allowed to marry non-Muslim men, the colleague said.”  ( HERE )’s director Robert Spencer observes : ” ( HIS ) crime was saying that non-Muslim men should be able to marry Muslim women — a challenge to the supremacist Islamic law that endeavors to ensure that Muslim communities will always be growing and non-Muslim communities will always be in decline. ”

I still remember reading, in the past, that ‘secular’ Ram Vilas Paswan and other secularists accusing RSS and BJP of fascism on their assumption that BJP and RSS oppose Hindu girls marrying Muslim men ! Then, on the similar lines of logic and reason, Islam must be fascist ! And it is. And this social humiliation of non-Muslims is one of many humiliations imposed on non-Muslims living under Islamic law under the contract Dhimma .

Recently, article after article in media ridiculed Hindus over ‘reported or alleged’ existing LOVE JIHAD. The writers, mostly Hindus – going by their name, in displaying their liberal and secular credentials, degenerated to such low levels that they kept headlines like ‘ Hindu woman’s body as battle ground for Hindu right wing ‘ and accused Hindu men for misogyny to  suffering under inferiority complex ( as they are feeling humiliation that Hindu women are choosing Muslim men – this is what wrote ).  Infact, media after media competed with each other in making satire s out of ‘LOVE JIHAD’. Its clear from reading these articles that they were not interested in any honest discussion or debate as they mouthed cheap rhetoric e.g wrote, ‘But like all great urban myths the Love Jihad persists. It persists because the bodies of women can prove to be a far more potent polarizing and organizing tool than even a Ram Temple.’  The standing belief among these ‘progressives’ is that the more they ridicule Hindus esp. Hindu men better their credentials as secular-liberalists established.  And these articles are also mean to foster self-loathing among young Hindus and in time, they too eventually suffer from the syndrome of seeing self-loathing as a sign of progressiveness and liberal and secular credentials.

Perhaps, what these intellectuals, there is hardly any intelligence in them though, do not realize is that the more ridiculous things they say about Hindu men and LOVE JIHAD, the more they expose Islam’s fascist leanings. If Hindus, i.e. Hindu men or Hindu right wing, oppose those Hindu-Muslim marriages, it only speaks about those right wing organizations . But Islam prohibiting such marriages and imposing such restrictions on its women while passing such privileges to Muslim men is based at the very ground level in the sense that these rules and regulations are mentioned in Koran. WHO COULD TELL THESE ‘PROGRESSIVES’ AND ‘LIBERALS’ THAT WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT HINDU RIGHT WING APPLIES TO THE WHOLE ISLAM AND THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY ? And of course, media can never mention this double standard of Islam and its fascist implications, just like it can not report about Hindu boys getting killed just because they were in love with Muslim girls. Just feel this : To buttress India as secular and plural, media has to resort to so much censoring, twisting and concealing the truth about Islam and Muslims ?