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Communal riots or display of Islamic Supremacism……….

Islamic Law ( Sharia ) stipulates that non-Muslims are prohibited to celebrate their festivals in public and also are forbidden to display their symbols in public. Thus, Muslims in Muslim dominated areas try to enforce this Islamic belief on non-Muslims. ( HERE )

Latest incident of Islamic Supremacism by Indian Muslims was in display in Delhi’s Trilokpuri, in a Muslim dominated area…

English Media, the media of ‘elite’, was all over these riots and how did they cover ? On a side note, just compare this coverage to the coverage media gave to recent terrorist plot in West Bengal to blow up Kolkata airport ! If not for bombs exploding accidentally or prematurely and resulting in death of two Muslim terrorists ( Jihadists ), I am sure media would have made the whole thing look like ‘saffron terror’ !

For media, NO MATTER WHAT’S THE TRUTH, not that it only sees that way, it will rather make it look like Hindu communalism or Hindu right wing engineering riots to polarize voters for electoral benefits. Ever since Modi’s victory, against which media worked so hard, hence pissed off at people still making Modi a PM, media has become obsessed with itself !

Firstpost screamed, ‘ Trilokpuri riots: Was Delhi Police asked to go soft on rioters, wonder experts‘. In other related posts to this present disturbances, no where it mentioned properly what caused these disturbances. Anyway, prognosis of firstpost on communal riots went awry, as in the past it published an article by a Muslim saying riots are being engineered by BJP in places away from urban and major cities as these places are away from media’s eye ! Azaj Ashraf writes ( HERE ), ‘ The masterminds of such communal violence have shifted their activities from bustling cities to decaying towns and their rural periphery ‘. But now ? As Muslims and Islamic Fascism are responsible for all communal riots, his prediction based on theory of Saffron communalism will obviously go wrong. Being a Muslim in service of Islamic imperialism, he will never admit to the truth of Islamic Supremacism being responsible for riots. Muslim mentality, through out the world, runs as, ‘ we are the victims.’, even when we do not find a single Muslim majority nation granting basic human rights to non-Muslims in their countries. 

Its only from accidentally put sentences in media reports, at times, we can learn the truth, read the following from India Today’s report :

” Something similar unfolded in Trilokpuri area, where there was a dispute over a religious congregation on the eve of Diwali. ” ( HERE )

One of self-appointed guardians of ‘secularism’, Indian Express reports ( HERE ):

While there were different versions on what triggered the violence on Friday evening, all involved a “mata ki chowki (a temporary religious structure set up by Hindus to house a deity). One group said some individuals ( Muslims ) had desecrated the structure………

Indian Express deliberately avoids mentioning that Muslims objected to this structure, the real root cause of disturbance. Instead it throws in a line that the whole area was tense since October 6th; conveniently it doesn’t give the reasons for the tension.

The Hindu ( HERE ) :

On what sparked the riots, people from both communities had different versions. While Hindus claimed that Muslims tried to disrupt the ‘Mata ki Chowki’, members of the minority community charged that the chowki had been put up in front of their mosque disrupting their way.

The charge that chowki was in-front of the mosque disrupting the way doesn’t fly. Continue reading →


This is Jihad……..’Burdwan’ flies in the face of ‘secular’ Hindus as Muslims protest against the arrest of terrorists

Despite the fact that it was a plot to explode bombs in Kolkata airport, the media in India ensured that this incident remained low profile. What could be media’s reaction if terrorists succeeded in carrying out their plans ? We know the policy – BLAME THE HINDUS …

It was just by an accident that THE plot to explode bombs at the airport and at other 24 places was foiled, when blasts occurred at the apartment where the bombs were being kept. Probably, bombs, IED s, Improvised Explosive Devises, went off early or when being assembled.

Burdwan Blast: Militants Planned to Blow Up Kolkata Airport, 24 Other Places in Bengal on Eid

Plot To Attack India’s Kolkata Airport And 24 Other Locations On Occasion Of Eid Foiled 

Burdwan Blasts: Two Women Arrested, Bengal Becoming Terror Haven, says BJP      ( This is the headline of NDTV ‘s report  ) Continue reading →

This is Jihad …… A Muslim software engineer in Mumbai arrested

“The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad has arrested a Mumbai-based software engineer, who reportedly admired the Middle-East terror group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, for allegedly conspiring to blow up American establishments in Mumbai, including a school.

Anees Ansari, 24, who worked at a multi-national software company, was apprehended from his office in suburban Andheri and produced before a court yesterday, which remanded him in police custody till October 26, an ATS official said today.”

That is from NDTV’s report, ‘ Mumbai Engineer Arrested for Allegedly Planning Terror Attacks ‘ . Continue reading →

Prophet Mohammad abolished slavery !!!

The following case illustrates how Muslim spokesmen lie so blatantly, and how willingly infidel main stream media become the vehicle for these blatant and outright lies to be perpetuated on non-Muslims.

Reza Aslan ! Yes…that’s the name  of the fellow I am talking about. One can read how obnoxious, arrogant and dishonest he is from HERE . He claims that he is an Islamic scholar. His essays and articles keep appearing in major publications in US. He appears in major news channels, and nothing that comes out from his mouth can ever be truthful. But then, he is a Muslim in service of Islamic Supremacism. But, what about main stream media in the ‘so called’ free world which carry these sentences, actually lies and half truths, as if they are 100% true and represent Islamic teachings as found in Koran and the life of Prophet Mohammad ? Continue reading →