This is Jihad …… A Muslim software engineer in Mumbai arrested

“The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad has arrested a Mumbai-based software engineer, who reportedly admired the Middle-East terror group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, for allegedly conspiring to blow up American establishments in Mumbai, including a school.

Anees Ansari, 24, who worked at a multi-national software company, was apprehended from his office in suburban Andheri and produced before a court yesterday, which remanded him in police custody till October 26, an ATS official said today.”

That is from NDTV’s report, ‘ Mumbai Engineer Arrested for Allegedly Planning Terror Attacks ‘ .

Notice the word ‘Allegedly ‘; that’s how main stream media reports about Jihad related terrorism.

How does the report of ‘alleged’ terrorist being a software engineer in a multinational company fit in with establishment’s rationalization of Islamic terrorism as consequence of poverty and illiteracy !! Or his admiration of Islamic State, for all non-Muslims are being indoctrinated by media, politicians, academics and intellectuals that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam what so ever !

In July itself, we heard about the first case of Muslims from India joining Islamic State ( ISIS ) as The Indian express reports : Four men from Mumbai believed to have joined Iraq jihad, a father appeals for help . Here too, all four Muslims were either engineering students or from very good financial background.

Very fancily, Indian Express, in the same report, says : “Investigators have made little progress in establishing what drove the men or precisely how they made their plans……. ”

What drove them  to take part in Jihad i.e. joining ISIS ?

You see, its such a big mystery ( !!! ) as aforementioned poverty and illiteracy among Muslims being the driving force behind Islamic  terrorism are worn out. So, the report mentions this : “Last year, Pakistani al-Qaeda ideologue Asim Umar called on Indians to join the global jihad. The ISIS, too, cited India as key concern for global jihadists. In internet chat rooms where Islamists congregate, messages have been posted calling on Indians to join up, to prepare themselves for what’s being described a coming communal apocalypse.” 

“Communal apocalypse’  ??? Indirectly, the ‘secular’ Indian Express is trying to imply that its Hindu communalism or Hindu extremism that has driven Muslims to Islamic terrorism !! And this is the prevailing opinion of all Indian secular intellectuals and academics.  SO, THESE INDIAN MUSLIMS SUFFERING UNDER HINDU INTOLERANCE  TRAVEL TO IRAQ OR SYRIA TO JOIN ISIS ( ISLAMIC STATE ) TO IMPOSE JIZYA ON CHRISTIANS, TO GIVE THE CHOICE OF DEATH OR CONVERSION TO ISLAM to YAZIDI S, TO KILL INFIDELS AND TAKE non-MUSLIM WOMEN AS SEX SLAVES !!  Thats the reason I keep writing that these supposedly ‘intellectuals’ lack intelligence nor are guided by any virtue of wisdom. We know very well what drives Muslims to extremism but what drives these ‘academics’ and ‘intellectuals’ to such insanity ? Whatever it is, their moral compass is completely shattered.

Abu Jindal, one of the Indian Muslims, who took part in Mumbai attacks in 2008 reported to have stated, read the below report of IANS  ( HERE ):

“Jindal has no regret for the deaths of 166 people in the 26/11 attack. He explained the deaths, saying that in the way of god people have to sacrifice not only their life but also leave their homes, relatives and family too,” an officer in the interrogation team told IANS.

Jindal, who loves to expound on Islam and offers namaz five times a day during which he rubs his forehead against the floor as a true devout, told interrogators that the 2008 Mumbai carnage was “a part of his devotion for his religious duty called jihad”.

He told interrogators that the word jihad appears 41 times in the Quran and frequently in the idiomatic expression “striving in the way of god (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)”.

Asked why he had chosen India for jihad, Jindal is believed to have told interrogators, “It’s a religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad…. especially for the purpose of advancing Islam and repelling evil from Muslims.

This report came out in the year 2012 and our ‘honest’ and ‘SECULAR’ main stream media choose not to report it as it violates, according to the philosophy of India Today, prevailing ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’. Instead, blame Hindus for everything is the policy.

Same report by Indian Express informs that, one of the 4 young men left a letter to his parents informing his decision to join ISIS :

“In his letter, Arif Majeed appears to reject his family’s values. “I cried when I saw you all sinning, smoking cigarettes, taking interest, watching TV, illegal sexual intercourse, living luxurious lives, intermingling of sexes, not praying, not growing beards. These things will lead to you burning in the hell-fire,” he says (letter edited throughout for clarity).

Arif Majeed had harsh words, in particular, for his sister, and female cousins, who all watched television, “a professional way to ensure nudity, lewdness, obscenity and disbelief prevail. It is a major sin. In it is music, which is an instrument of Satan.”

“He was a good boy,” says Arif’s father. “He was very religious, never spent time in bad company, never chased after girls, never seemed attracted to violence”.

Any familiarity with the Islamic history of life of Prophet Mohammad would tell that Arif’s ( Later, Arif died fighting in Syria ) view and philosophy of life is developed from that. And that is 100% and pure Islam. But ‘secular’ Hindus rather than admitting to inherent fascist nature of Islam’s teachings invented a whole lot of explanations like IT IS TALIBANISM OR DEOBANDI BUT NOT REAL ISLAM, INFLUENCED BY SAUDI MONEY AND PROPAGANDA OR RADICALISED .

In Islam, the more devout or pious Muslims become, more the propensity to violence and terrorism, and hatred towards non-Muslims. The greatest sin in Islam is not murder and rape but disbelief in Allah and his Prophet. The most pious act is taking part in Jihad.

Later, when Zee News was reporting about more than 100 Muslims leaving India to join ISIS it was still trying to convey the idea that some how poverty was the reason why Muslims are joining ISIS ( HERE ) :

“As per reports, over hundred youths may have joined the jihadist militant group as of now and the terror group Indian Mujahideen may be involved in recruiting men from India……One of the tools used for recruitment are online videos which are being used to radicalise poor from a particular community.”

This report throws more light on the language of Islam and jihadists; read from below :

“Earlier too, the video of ISIS leader Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi had been translated into Hindi. He too had called on Muslims from India to come and fight for the cause and had claimed that the rights of Muslims in India had been forcibly seized.

He, here, is not merely  calling Indian Muslims to jihad for establishing Islamic rule in India. ‘the rights of Muslims in India had been forcibly seized‘ means that Muslims were the rulers once and the rightful owners of India and they must become rulers, which is their right, again through jihad. 

To be fair to Baghdadi, he is by no means the first Muslim laying down this objective….it – establishing Islamic rule ( i.e. making India a Muslim nation ) – is the desire and goal of every, more or less, Indian Muslim. 


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