This is Jihad……..’Burdwan’ flies in the face of ‘secular’ Hindus as Muslims protest against the arrest of terrorists

Despite the fact that it was a plot to explode bombs in Kolkata airport, the media in India ensured that this incident remained low profile. What could be media’s reaction if terrorists succeeded in carrying out their plans ? We know the policy – BLAME THE HINDUS …

It was just by an accident that THE plot to explode bombs at the airport and at other 24 places was foiled, when blasts occurred at the apartment where the bombs were being kept. Probably, bombs, IED s, Improvised Explosive Devises, went off early or when being assembled.

Burdwan Blast: Militants Planned to Blow Up Kolkata Airport, 24 Other Places in Bengal on Eid

Plot To Attack India’s Kolkata Airport And 24 Other Locations On Occasion Of Eid Foiled 

Burdwan Blasts: Two Women Arrested, Bengal Becoming Terror Haven, says BJP      ( This is the headline of NDTV ‘s report  )

But the problem is not terrorism of blowing up airports and maiming innocent people. It is the ideology behind the terrorism. Terrorism is just means to achieve objectives, whether they be political or religious. And this is where the main stream media is at its worst as it choose not to report about thousands of Muslims in Burdwan protesting aggressively against security agencies carrying out their investigation and arrest of Muslims ……….

Hindu Samhati president TAPAN GHOSH writes on his facebook page :

“Yesterday 20 October Burdwan town witnessed the Islamic might. About 100,000 Muslims blocked Hindu majority Burdwan town for hours near Curzon Gate under Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind banner to protest against NIA investigation of the Burdwan Bomb Blast and searching the Madrasas.

Siddiqullah Chowdhury was main speaker. Notorious ugly left leaders like Ashim Chatterjee and Samir Patutunda graced the occasion. The speakers called the devout Muslims to resist police & security agencies to raid & search the Madrasas. They pledged to fully support arrested hardcore Jihadis Razia Bibi and Amina Bibi in court. The mob reportedly beat many passerby on the road by bamboo sticks and broke many cars (which were signed as Hindu owner).”

He even posted the below pictures of these protests on his page………..





But the media so selectively has chosen to ignore this; after all, this kind of censoring and concealing of Islamic Fascism comes in handy when they propagate the myth that only a tiny minority of Muslims are terrorists and that Islam is a religion that teaches peace and harmony.


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