Communal riots or display of Islamic Supremacism……….

Islamic Law ( Sharia ) stipulates that non-Muslims are prohibited to celebrate their festivals in public and also are forbidden to display their symbols in public. Thus, Muslims in Muslim dominated areas try to enforce this Islamic belief on non-Muslims. ( HERE )

Latest incident of Islamic Supremacism by Indian Muslims was in display in Delhi’s Trilokpuri, in a Muslim dominated area…

English Media, the media of ‘elite’, was all over these riots and how did they cover ? On a side note, just compare this coverage to the coverage media gave to recent terrorist plot in West Bengal to blow up Kolkata airport ! If not for bombs exploding accidentally or prematurely and resulting in death of two Muslim terrorists ( Jihadists ), I am sure media would have made the whole thing look like ‘saffron terror’ !

For media, NO MATTER WHAT’S THE TRUTH, not that it only sees that way, it will rather make it look like Hindu communalism or Hindu right wing engineering riots to polarize voters for electoral benefits. Ever since Modi’s victory, against which media worked so hard, hence pissed off at people still making Modi a PM, media has become obsessed with itself !

Firstpost screamed, ‘ Trilokpuri riots: Was Delhi Police asked to go soft on rioters, wonder experts‘. In other related posts to this present disturbances, no where it mentioned properly what caused these disturbances. Anyway, prognosis of firstpost on communal riots went awry, as in the past it published an article by a Muslim saying riots are being engineered by BJP in places away from urban and major cities as these places are away from media’s eye ! Azaj Ashraf writes ( HERE ), ‘ The masterminds of such communal violence have shifted their activities from bustling cities to decaying towns and their rural periphery ‘. But now ? As Muslims and Islamic Fascism are responsible for all communal riots, his prediction based on theory of Saffron communalism will obviously go wrong. Being a Muslim in service of Islamic imperialism, he will never admit to the truth of Islamic Supremacism being responsible for riots. Muslim mentality, through out the world, runs as, ‘ we are the victims.’, even when we do not find a single Muslim majority nation granting basic human rights to non-Muslims in their countries. 

Its only from accidentally put sentences in media reports, at times, we can learn the truth, read the following from India Today’s report :

” Something similar unfolded in Trilokpuri area, where there was a dispute over a religious congregation on the eve of Diwali. ” ( HERE )

One of self-appointed guardians of ‘secularism’, Indian Express reports ( HERE ):

While there were different versions on what triggered the violence on Friday evening, all involved a “mata ki chowki (a temporary religious structure set up by Hindus to house a deity). One group said some individuals ( Muslims ) had desecrated the structure………

Indian Express deliberately avoids mentioning that Muslims objected to this structure, the real root cause of disturbance. Instead it throws in a line that the whole area was tense since October 6th; conveniently it doesn’t give the reasons for the tension.

The Hindu ( HERE ) :

On what sparked the riots, people from both communities had different versions. While Hindus claimed that Muslims tried to disrupt the ‘Mata ki Chowki’, members of the minority community charged that the chowki had been put up in front of their mosque disrupting their way.

The charge that chowki was in-front of the mosque disrupting the way doesn’t fly.

In Bareilly, we can see few more incidents such as mentioned above, if we go back….The Hindustan Times reported this : “ Communal clash in Bareilly village over halwa in August ”

Tension gripped Chandpur Jogiyan village in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district on Monday night after members of two communities clashed over distribution of halwa  in a temple, police said. According to a police officer, a group of kanwariyas or devotees of Shiva assembled at the local Shiva temple for the jalasbhisek programme on the last Monday of Shravan. After the programme was over villagers distributed halwa among the devotees.

Members of another community residing across the road opposed the distribution.

They objected to the new tradition saying the halwa distribution programme should be called off immediately.

There was heated exchange between members of the two communities. Soon large number of people gathered on the road and started pelting stones on the kanwariyas and the villagers.

The devotees assembled in the temple premises retaliated by brick batting on the opposite group.

Anti-social elements fired on the kanwariyas and a 12-year-old boy sustained injury.

Fearing that tension might spread to neighbouring villages, the district administration has deployed extra police force in the area.

The district administration and police officers are camping in the village.

Additional superintendent of police Hemant Kutiyal said policemen are patrolling in the area and situation is under control.

Notice how Hindustan Times does not mention the word ‘Muslims’ in the entire report, even when Muslims fired on Hindus in the temple. Other media did not even care to report this.

Moradabad incident, a Muslim majority village, where Hindus were not allowed to install a microphone ( loud speaker ) on a temple on permanent basis – a constitutional right. Police themselves removed the microphones under orders from higher authorities. No one seems to address the rights guaranteed by constitution here, while no one says about Muslims playing loud speakers every day at high pitch in mosques even if they are situated in Hindu dominated areas. People with conscience would allow others the same privileges they would seek from others. Considering that Muslims never had any conscience and blatantly proceed to impose their supremacist belief on Hindus.  A Muslim journalist writing in firstpost admits to these things but can not find fault with behaviour of Muslims in accordance with Islamic Supremacism, instead goes on to blame BJP when it questioned Muslim’s objection to microphones on the temple. In that report, he continuously identifies non-Muslims of that village as Dalits. ( You can read from HERE ) And no one seemed to ask the important question of one way behaviour of Muslims, the root cause of all trouble.

In Meerut, the year 2013, The Chakra News reports ( HERE ) :

On Friday July 26, 2013, Many Hindus were injured and 2 people were killed, including a Hindu women who died when Muslim mobs rioted on late Friday. Friday is the day that Muslims hold congregational prayer called Jumu’ah, usually preceded by sermons.

The violent clashes occurred in the Nagla Mal area of Meerut, a city within the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP, and is a few hours away from the capital New Delhi. It has been reported that the violence began when groups of local Muslims were upset that a Hindu temple was playing Hindu devotional songs (bhajans) and forced the loudspeaker to be shutoff while beating a few Hindu men in the temple. Police tried to control the violent mob and is looking for the rioters involved. The governing party of Uttar Pradesh during these riots is the Samajwadi party.

The same incident is reported by The New Indian Express in the following manner ( HERE ) :

Two people, including a woman, were killed and over a dozen injured in clashes between two communities in a village in Uttar Pradesh, police said Saturday.

The clashes erupted in Nagla Mal village in Meerut district late Friday after a community objected to the playing of hymns at a temple, switched off the loudspeaker and beat up some men.

Police resorted to a baton charge to control the mob. A police officer has been suspended and a hunt is on to nab the rioters.

Inspector General of Police (Law and Order) R.K. Vishwakarma told IANS that one person was killed in the skirmish and the other died of a cardiac arrest.

District Magistrate Navdeep Rinwa said the National Security Act would be slapped on people who started the clashes. Police and paramilitary forces have been deployed in large numbers to prevent any further clashes.

Indian express too does not mention the word ‘Muslims’ in its report. Probably, it meant living things from another planet ! How can it be described as clashes when Muslims, identified as ‘ a community’ enter a temple and beat up Hindus ?

I can go on presenting such cases of Islamic Supremacism, I just have to dig them from my data base but to of no avail.

Besides Islamic Supremacism, the other point to be noted is the way media reports. First, the media deliberately chooses to not  report many  incidents which show Muslims in their true colours. Secondly, if media chooses to report then the word ‘ Muslims ‘ should not be mentioned. Thirdly, if Hindus ever react to this display of Islamic Supremacism, the reports are designed purposefully to portray Muslims as victims.


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