A 12 year old Hindu girl in Pakistan kidnapped and forced to marry a Muslim man after conversion to Islam !

The age of that Hindu girl  is 12 years as per the girl’s parents . And this kind of news of kidnapping of Hindu and Christian girls is not new. It keeps on happening until few remaining Hindus in Pakistan disappeared too, and only at times we hear these kidnapping, of course allegedly, in the media. And these reports are always followed by, as Indian media too loves to report in such manner, comments such as ‘not kidnapped but Hindu girls eloped’. Even if they are of 10 or 12 years old ! ( here )

Two years back, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported that 20 to 25 Hindu girls are kidnapped every month and are married to Muslim men after forcible conversion.

On an average around 20 to 25 Hindu girls are being forcibly converted to Islam every month in the southern Sindh province, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has said.  — The Hindu reported.

Do not judge  ‘ The Hindu ‘ being communal based on above lines for the  report contains Indian ‘secular fodder’ with respect to the famous case of Rinkel Kumari (  here   and  here ). Very few times, we can even say that reporting of Pakistan’s media is much better than how Indian media reports on these cases. 

This topic of kidnappings of Hindu girls appears in Indian media, I read one such report by outlook, dated to the year 2006, under the headlineSind’s Stolen Brides ‘ . When you complete reading this report and you will only wonder if the content has anything to do with the headline .

A better article from ‘secular’ media on this : The sad state of Hindus in Pakistan   ( I will paste this whole article in comments section . )

Or this from a secular girl’s blog : Forced Conversions

Even Christian women of Pakistan face the same situation;  The Commission for “Justice and Peace” of the Episcopal Conference of Pakistan is completing its investigation on the case, which is emblematic of a widespread phenomenon: at least 700 Christian girls are kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam every year.  

The salient feature of consequences of Islam’s outlook on non-Muslims is that Muslim men commit such crimes on non-Muslim women when Muslims are in majority. The continuing kidnappings of Christian girls in Nigeria by Boko Haram’s Muslims is already forgotten by the world, esp. those with elevated  and superior principles of ‘morality’ giving us lectures on fanciful concepts like multiculturalism, secularism, diversity and pluralism. Those Pakistani men in UK abusing British under aged girls calling them immoral and white trash is further testimony to Muslim’s contempt for the life of kafir s. 

The kidnappings of Coptic Christian girls by Muslim men in Egypt is very well documented too ( Read Surge in abduction of Christian girls in Egypt  )

Can Hindu fathers of those girls grieve ? Hindu feminists in India may not even, probably, grant that right to them as VENUS is only bridging the gap between Hindus and Muslims or between India and Pakistan.

Or one must pity those Pakistani Muslim men that they had to resort to kidnappings for all those feelings of exhilaration of tasting the forbidden fruit and insulting kafir s, because in India it only needs one sentence ‘ I LOVE YOU ‘ to those girls steeped in fashionable Bollywood. Sure it goes this way : The Muslim guy keeps or likes  some pictures of Shiva and Radha-Krishna to convince he is one believing in so called ‘composite culture’ on his facebook pages and these pictures dutifully change to those of Osama Bin Laden and Owaisi brothers on the completion of affairs.

Nothing better than subduing the infidel women sends these Muslim men in to raptures, as evident from teachings in Bangladesh’s madrassas ( From Religious Minorities in Islamic countries (Bangladesh)) :

“……..Shovanallah, there is no sin if you do jina (sex or rape) with the malaun women in this world. These women are nothing but war-booty (mai-e-ganimat). Whenever you feel like doing sex in this world, do it with the malaun women. Shovanallah, there is no sin in it and it is the process by which you have to drive them out of Bangladesh.” (pp-14)

Another lesson says, “We hate the malauns but not their women. Personally, I like the body-odour of the malaun women much. Whether they are Brahmins or Charals (A low caste), or Kaibartas (another low caste), their body odour is excellent. A highly intense, sweet mundane fragrance comes from their breasts, from the hairs of their armpit and thighs. The extremely sweet fragrance that comes from the sweat of their pubic-hairs makes me mad.”

The lecture continues, “I get really amazed by observing the power of that Islamic gun. They start pushing the Islamic gun without any pause. They pushed the Islamic gun into a malaun girl in front of her parents. After tasting the daughter, they tasted her mother. Some tasted the mother first and then the daughter, while some tasted the daughter first and then the mother. In one occasion, 10 – 12 jihadis seized a 10-year-old malaun girl. The mother of the came to me in tears and requested me to send the jihadis one by one. She also said that her daughter is very tender and she has not yet reached puberty and begun menstruation. If so many jihadis go to her at a time, my daughter will die. So, I asked the jihadis stand in a queue and go inside the room one by one.”

“One day, another jihadi called Mohammad Hafijuddin came to me with an unique proposal. He asked, “Sir, is it true that there is no sin in raping malaun women?” I said, “yes”. Then he said that, a khayes (intense desire) has come to his mind. When I enquired about the khayes, he said, “I want to rape four malaun women at a time.” A further enquiry revealed that he came to me after keeping four Hindu women, a mother, two daughters and one daughter-in-law, as captives under lock and key. I also told him that he must fulfill his khayes and get satisfied and that would be better for his physical and mental health. After receiving my consent, he returned and took two hours to complete the job. It appeared to me that, he did not take much time to rape four women. “

“While returning home, I saw that the father of those two daughters and his young son took their lives by hanging them from a mango tree. If someone gets pleasure by hanging himself, I should not obstruct them to enjoy that pleasure. Later on, I heard that the mother, her two daughters and her newly married daughter-in-law also committed suicide by hanging themselves from the same mango tree. Let them hang, as they are accustomed to hanging. What we can do, if they hang themselves like their deity Shyam (Lord Krishna)?” (pp-31)

“Here we teach jihad. Those who have correct knowledge of jihad, are best Muslims. We teach how to stab one with a knife, how to make bombs and grenades, how to operate pistols and guns and how to kill one by cutting his veins. Jihad is not possible without these knowledge. We teach holy-terror, divine-terror and terror for entering Allah’s paradise.” (pp-44)


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