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Radical Islam vs. Islam !!!

Talk about Islam in Afghanistan, they say it is not Islam but Talibanism.

When we talk about Islam in Saudi Arabia ( or Iran ), they say it is not Islam but Wahabism or Salafism.

Then, the Islam of ISIS or Al-Qaeda or Boko Haram or Jamaat e Islami or Indian Mujahideen? They say it is Radical Islam or Islamism or Militant Islam.

Intrinsic to all these claims is their underlying assumption of existence of some form of Islam which is ‘true’ Islam. ( 1 ) With the infields, the problem is not of their love towards Islam but their hatred towards their own culture that makes them blind to what faces them.

The more relevant question is where do the beliefs of those Islamic outfits come from ? Of course, they get them from Koran and the life of Prophet Mohammad. But is it legal doctrinally and traditionally ?

Just 6 months back, Heena Khan, a Muslim woman, in the wake of Paris attacks, writes in The Hindustan Times, ‘ Why its time to go back to Islam’s holy book’, purely an apologist piece and incredibly stupid.

Now, she really thinks ISIS hasn’t read Koran or doesn’t know the basics of Islam ? The chief and the founder of ISIS, Baghdadi, has a doctorate in Islamic theology from a very reputed Islamic college. Similarly, the movement of Talibanism, born in madrassas which teach Deobandi theology, proud contribution of Indian Muslims, is ignorant of basics of Islam ? Deobandi seminary school, the largest in India, doesn’t know Koran and Islam, Heena Khan wants us to believe !

Tufail Ahmad writes a more honest piece in The New Indian Express, ‘How to Combat Global Islamism’ . For him, the radicalization of Muslims is the real problem. And he quotes, ‘Islam does not allow Muslims to fully integrate with local communities; as a system of ideas, Islam is designed to essentially separate Muslims from the practices of non-Muslims.’ Partially true. More appropriate observation is, ‘Islam makes an obligation on all Muslims to impose their beliefs on all others.’

If those beliefs come from Radical Islam or constitute Radical Islam, and radicalization poses a danger, then the Radical Islam merits a simple analysis, starting from ‘what is it?’.

To understand and analyze this, we can group the prevailing opinions in the world about Islam like this:
1. Radical Islam is a new phenomenon, born in 1920 s, as a reaction to Western Imperialism.
2. Islam is always like this i.e. from the time it was born.

Erudite scholars ( ‘apologists’ is the better word to describe them ) keep writing that Radical Islam was born when Abul Ala Maududi found Jamaat e Islami in India and Hassan al Banna found Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Both the events took place in 1920 s. For these scholars, the concept of Islam of Jamaat e Islami and Muslim Brotherhood is ‘RADICAL ISLAM’ and it means ‘reading the Koran and following Prophet Mohammad’. In broader terms, it involves reading the Koran literally and interpreting it in the light of teachings and deeds of Prophet Mohammad.

According to modern day English dictionaries, the word ‘RADICAL’ has these meanings :

1. Departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme or drastic

2. Arising from or going to a root or source; basic says ‘If something is considered extremist or very different from anything that has come before it, call it radical.’

So, in the views of these scholars, although Radical Islam is based on Koran and Prophet Mohammad, it is a new phenomenon and a departure from main stream Islam; Islam was never understood like that before. If we take radical’s meaning as root, Radical Islam means Islam going to its root i.e. Koran and Prophet Mohammad.

Some better informed ‘scholars’ trace the origins of this ‘Radical Islam’ to the 18nth century i.e. to the time when Wahabbism appeared in Saudi Arabia. These ‘scholars’ too suggest that wahabbis were reading the Koran literally and interpreting it using the life of Prophet Mohammad.

Few apologists for Islamic Supremacism from Britain say that Maududi’s Jamaat e Islami is rooted in the philosophy of ‘Muslim Revivalism’ that began at the time of the collapse of the Mughal empire. This movement of ‘Muslim Revivalism’ is attributed to Shah Wali-Allah ( d. 1762 ), who also defined Islam as reading Koran and following Prophet Mohammad. Though he was born in India (Patna), he travelled to Mecca and Medina where he must have been exposed to teachings of Radical Islam (? ). These scholars say that his followers waged jihad against British in India and hence its influence on Maududi. You see, implicit message in their statement is ‘British Imperialism is responsible for creation of Jamaat e Islami or Radical Islam in India.’ ( 2 ) Is it a crime or communalism to ask what should be said about Shah Wali-Allah’s calls for Jihad against Hindus and Sikhs ?

Few of these scholars even suggest that wahabbism can be traced to the influence of 14 nth century Islamic scholar Ibn Thimmayya who formalized that to be a good Muslim, one should read Koran and to understand and follow it one should find a model and that model is Prophet Mohammad. So, these were the teachings Shah Wali-Allah must have been exposed to when he was in Medina or Mecca.
So, this is when Radical Islam was born.

Now, we have to ask if this claim is in conformity with other Islamic materials. We ask this simple question : So, is the concept of Jihad was born in 1300s with Ibn Thimmayya ? No. All jusrists and scholars before Ibn Thimmayya have defined Jihad just as Ibn Thimmayya did e.g. Abu Yusuf and Averroes.

More over, Sharia was codified before the 9 nth century itself and all 4 schools of Islamic thought were unanimous on Jihad and defined it just like Ibn Thimmayya did.

It is not simple coincidence that opinions of all Islamic jurists and Islamic scholars converge on the topics like Jihad, jizya and Dhimmah and apostasy. Their outlook with regard to other faiths remains the same : rejection and oppression i.e. Islam should dominate all.
And the methodology applied in reaching their opinions also was always the same : Interpreting Koran using the life of Prophet Mohammad.
All this only shows Radical Islam is a myth. There is nothing radical about beliefs of those Islamic outfits. The phrases like Radical Islam or Militant Islam or the -ism s like Wahabbism and Islamism are modern day inventions to keep the non-Muslims in ignorance to faciliate the advance of Jihad.



1. Then, we see some people, in defence of Islam, saying, ‘ they ( i.e. Islamic terrorists ) misinterpreted Koran and Hadith ‘ or ‘there are diff. interpretations of Koran’ ! This is pure BS because there is only one interpretation of Islam i.e. Koran and that was done by Prophet Mohammad himself. Regarding misinterpreting Koran, Muslims are forgetting what they claim i.e. Koran is the word from none other than ONLY TRUE GOD who proclaims Koran is easy to read and understand, and is simple and unambigous. The TRUE MASTER I.E. ALLAH unambigously tells his slaves i.e. Muslims to follow and obey Prophet Mohammad in not less than 90 verses and EVEN ANNOUNCES THE LIFE OF MOHAMMAD iS AN EXAMPLE FOR ALL MUSLIMS TO FOLLOW. This interpretation is clear and those suggesting otherewise are either pure liars or ignorant.

2. Shah Wali-Allah is hailed as a sufi saint and as a reformer by all Muslim scholars in India and there are about 100 books written in his praise by modern Muslim scholars. They all say that he was the inaugurator of ‘Muslim Revivalism’ and hail him as one of the half a dozen topmost interpreters of true Islam. One such ardent admirer of Shah Wali-Allah is Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Prof. Aziz Ahmad says, ‘Shah Wali-Allah forms a bridge between medieval and modern Islam in India.’

Revivalism is a misnomer to describe the philosophy or the efforts of Shah Wali-Allah. He called upon all the Muslims for all-out Jihad against Hindus for reducing them to a state of humiliation. The objective of that Jihad was to restore Islamic authority over India again. Towards this, he wrote letters to Muslim nobles and Muslim generals for warfare against Hindus and Sikhs. Muslim scholars who published these letters in their books conveniently deleted Shah Wali-Allah’s statements on Hindus and Hinduism. These modern Muslim scholars, who are regarded as secular in our MSM and polity, having clamied that Islam teaches peace and harmony, never repudiate Shah Wali-Allah on Jihad and what he wrote. Shah Wali-Allah writes, ‘It has become clear to my mind that the kingdom of heaven has pre-destined that kafirs ( Hindus here ) should be reduced to a state of humiliation and treated with utter contempt.’

SAA Rizvi summarizes Shah Wali’s doctrine of Jihad ( as written in his arabic work ‘Hujjat-Allah al-Baligha’ ) : “According to Shah Wali-Allah the mark of the perfect implementation of the Sharia was the performance of jihad. There were people, said the Shah, who indulged in their lower nature by following their ancestral religion, ignoring the advice and commands of the Prophet Mohammed. If one chose to explain Islam to people like this it was to do them a disservice. Force, said the Shah, was the better course – Islam should be forced down their throats like bitter medicine to a child. This, however, was possible only if the leaders of the non-Muslim communities who failed to accept Islam were killed, the strength of the community was reduced, their property confiscated and a situation was created which led to their followers and descendants willingly accepting Islam. Another means of ensuring conversions was to prevent other religious communities from worshipping their own gods. Moreover, unfavourable discriminating laws should be imposed on non-Muslims in matters of rule of retaliation, compensation for manslaughter, and marriage and political matters. However, the proselytization programme of Shah Wali-Allah only included the leaders of the Hindu community. The low class of the infidels, according to him, were to be left alone to work in the fields and for paying jiziya. They like beasts of burden and agricultural livestock were to be kept in abject misery and despair.”
(Francis Robinson, Separatism Among Indian Muslims, Delhi, 1975, p. 346.)

Hardly any revivalism that can be said as secular or plural, and when Muslim scholars hold him in high esteem that betrays their mind set, isn’t it ? Yet, they are held as champions of secularism or pluralism by our intellectuals ! Much worse to follow. Shah Wali-Allah and his ( late to come ) Jihadist followers are portrayed as revolutionaries by our ’eminent’ historians i.e. Marxists. That is the true face of Indian Secularism.


The reign of Firoz Shah Tughlaq – I

He was the third of Tughlaq dynasty, ruled for 38 years ( 1351 – 88 AD ) and his reign was the longest of the Delhi Sultanate.

All Muslim chronicles of that period refer to him as the  most kindest, generous, religious and justice oriented Sultan among all the Sultans of Delhi. Elliot, the British historian who supervised over translations of many Persian chronicles  giving accounts of India during Muslim rule, has high praise for Firoz Shah and calls him as Akbar of his times ( Delhi Sultanate ).

He was neither a barbarian nor uncivilized and was a very illustrious King. Sure, he was a very devout Muslim, even though he took wine, and that outlook based on Islam towards his Hindu subjects, which is no diff. from rulings of Sharia, was the force behind his actions.

The story behind his birth gives insight in to the affairs of those days. His father, Sipah salar Rajjab was a  brother of Ghiyasuddeen Tughlaq, the founder of Tughlaq dynasty. At the time of his birth, Ghiyasuddeen was a noble in the court of Alauddin Khilji and assigned to Dipalpur ( in present day Pakistan’s Punjab ) as fief-holder ( iqtadar ). Wanting to amass wealth, he wanted his brother obtain a daughter of one of Hindu kings there in marriage.Having found a daughter of a small Hindu king, Ranamall Bhatti, he sends a proposal which was rejected by Ranamall. On this rejection, Ghiyasuddeen brings his army to villages belonging to Ranamall and starts harassing villagers by demanding full payment of one year’s revenue and helpless Ranamall agrees to the marriage proposal. After the marriage, her name ‘ Bibi Naila ‘ was changed to ‘ Sultan Bibi Kadbanu ‘. She gave birth to Firoz Shah in the year 1309 AD. ( Shams-I Siraj Afif’s Tarikhi Firoz Shahi ; Elliot Vol. 3, pp 271-273Continue reading →

A 12 year old Hindu girl in Pakistan kidnapped and forced to marry a Muslim man after conversion to Islam !

The age of that Hindu girl  is 12 years as per the girl’s parents . And this kind of news of kidnapping of Hindu and Christian girls is not new. It keeps on happening until few remaining Hindus in Pakistan disappeared too, and only at times we hear these kidnapping, of course allegedly, in the media. And these reports are always followed by, as Indian media too loves to report in such manner, comments such as ‘not kidnapped but Hindu girls eloped’. Even if they are of 10 or 12 years old ! ( here )

Two years back, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported that 20 to 25 Hindu girls are kidnapped every month and are married to Muslim men after forcible conversion.

On an average around 20 to 25 Hindu girls are being forcibly converted to Islam every month in the southern Sindh province, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has said.  — The Hindu reported.

Do not judge  ‘ The Hindu ‘ being communal based on above lines for the  report contains Indian ‘secular fodder’ with respect to the famous case of Rinkel Kumari (  here   and  here ). Very few times, we can even say that reporting of Pakistan’s media is much better than how Indian media reports on these cases.  Continue reading →

Communal riots or display of Islamic Supremacism……….

Islamic Law ( Sharia ) stipulates that non-Muslims are prohibited to celebrate their festivals in public and also are forbidden to display their symbols in public. Thus, Muslims in Muslim dominated areas try to enforce this Islamic belief on non-Muslims. ( HERE )

Latest incident of Islamic Supremacism by Indian Muslims was in display in Delhi’s Trilokpuri, in a Muslim dominated area…

English Media, the media of ‘elite’, was all over these riots and how did they cover ? On a side note, just compare this coverage to the coverage media gave to recent terrorist plot in West Bengal to blow up Kolkata airport ! If not for bombs exploding accidentally or prematurely and resulting in death of two Muslim terrorists ( Jihadists ), I am sure media would have made the whole thing look like ‘saffron terror’ !

For media, NO MATTER WHAT’S THE TRUTH, not that it only sees that way, it will rather make it look like Hindu communalism or Hindu right wing engineering riots to polarize voters for electoral benefits. Ever since Modi’s victory, against which media worked so hard, hence pissed off at people still making Modi a PM, media has become obsessed with itself !

Firstpost screamed, ‘ Trilokpuri riots: Was Delhi Police asked to go soft on rioters, wonder experts‘. In other related posts to this present disturbances, no where it mentioned properly what caused these disturbances. Anyway, prognosis of firstpost on communal riots went awry, as in the past it published an article by a Muslim saying riots are being engineered by BJP in places away from urban and major cities as these places are away from media’s eye ! Azaj Ashraf writes ( HERE ), ‘ The masterminds of such communal violence have shifted their activities from bustling cities to decaying towns and their rural periphery ‘. But now ? As Muslims and Islamic Fascism are responsible for all communal riots, his prediction based on theory of Saffron communalism will obviously go wrong. Being a Muslim in service of Islamic imperialism, he will never admit to the truth of Islamic Supremacism being responsible for riots. Muslim mentality, through out the world, runs as, ‘ we are the victims.’, even when we do not find a single Muslim majority nation granting basic human rights to non-Muslims in their countries. 

Its only from accidentally put sentences in media reports, at times, we can learn the truth, read the following from India Today’s report :

” Something similar unfolded in Trilokpuri area, where there was a dispute over a religious congregation on the eve of Diwali. ” ( HERE )

One of self-appointed guardians of ‘secularism’, Indian Express reports ( HERE ):

While there were different versions on what triggered the violence on Friday evening, all involved a “mata ki chowki (a temporary religious structure set up by Hindus to house a deity). One group said some individuals ( Muslims ) had desecrated the structure………

Indian Express deliberately avoids mentioning that Muslims objected to this structure, the real root cause of disturbance. Instead it throws in a line that the whole area was tense since October 6th; conveniently it doesn’t give the reasons for the tension.

The Hindu ( HERE ) :

On what sparked the riots, people from both communities had different versions. While Hindus claimed that Muslims tried to disrupt the ‘Mata ki Chowki’, members of the minority community charged that the chowki had been put up in front of their mosque disrupting their way.

The charge that chowki was in-front of the mosque disrupting the way doesn’t fly. Continue reading →

This is Jihad……..’Burdwan’ flies in the face of ‘secular’ Hindus as Muslims protest against the arrest of terrorists

Despite the fact that it was a plot to explode bombs in Kolkata airport, the media in India ensured that this incident remained low profile. What could be media’s reaction if terrorists succeeded in carrying out their plans ? We know the policy – BLAME THE HINDUS …

It was just by an accident that THE plot to explode bombs at the airport and at other 24 places was foiled, when blasts occurred at the apartment where the bombs were being kept. Probably, bombs, IED s, Improvised Explosive Devises, went off early or when being assembled.

Burdwan Blast: Militants Planned to Blow Up Kolkata Airport, 24 Other Places in Bengal on Eid

Plot To Attack India’s Kolkata Airport And 24 Other Locations On Occasion Of Eid Foiled 

Burdwan Blasts: Two Women Arrested, Bengal Becoming Terror Haven, says BJP      ( This is the headline of NDTV ‘s report  ) Continue reading →

This is Jihad …… A Muslim software engineer in Mumbai arrested

“The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad has arrested a Mumbai-based software engineer, who reportedly admired the Middle-East terror group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, for allegedly conspiring to blow up American establishments in Mumbai, including a school.

Anees Ansari, 24, who worked at a multi-national software company, was apprehended from his office in suburban Andheri and produced before a court yesterday, which remanded him in police custody till October 26, an ATS official said today.”

That is from NDTV’s report, ‘ Mumbai Engineer Arrested for Allegedly Planning Terror Attacks ‘ . Continue reading →

Prophet Mohammad abolished slavery !!!

The following case illustrates how Muslim spokesmen lie so blatantly, and how willingly infidel main stream media become the vehicle for these blatant and outright lies to be perpetuated on non-Muslims.

Reza Aslan ! Yes…that’s the name  of the fellow I am talking about. One can read how obnoxious, arrogant and dishonest he is from HERE . He claims that he is an Islamic scholar. His essays and articles keep appearing in major publications in US. He appears in major news channels, and nothing that comes out from his mouth can ever be truthful. But then, he is a Muslim in service of Islamic Supremacism. But, what about main stream media in the ‘so called’ free world which carry these sentences, actually lies and half truths, as if they are 100% true and represent Islamic teachings as found in Koran and the life of Prophet Mohammad ? Continue reading →

A Muslim ‘reformer’ killed in Pakistan for saying non-Muslim men should be allowed to marry Muslim women !

Simple commonsense says, then, that Muslim women in Pakistan are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men while Muslim men can marry non-Muslim women and raise their children as Muslims. Its so because it is stipulated by Koran and Islamic Law ( Sharia Law ).

The news report reads : “Unidentified gunmen on Thursday shot dead a professor of Islamic studies in Pakistan who had faced accusations of blasphemy and threats from colleagues over his moderate views, police said……..Among the articles the 54-year-old had written was one arguing that Muslim women should be allowed to marry non-Muslim men, the colleague said.”  ( HERE )’s director Robert Spencer observes : ” ( HIS ) crime was saying that non-Muslim men should be able to marry Muslim women — a challenge to the supremacist Islamic law that endeavors to ensure that Muslim communities will always be growing and non-Muslim communities will always be in decline. ”

I still remember reading, in the past, that ‘secular’ Ram Vilas Paswan and other secularists accusing RSS and BJP of fascism on their assumption that BJP and RSS oppose Hindu girls marrying Muslim men ! Then, on the similar lines of logic and reason, Islam must be fascist ! And it is. And this social humiliation of non-Muslims is one of many humiliations imposed on non-Muslims living under Islamic law under the contract Dhimma .

Recently, article after article in media ridiculed Hindus over ‘reported or alleged’ existing LOVE JIHAD. The writers, mostly Hindus – going by their name, in displaying their liberal and secular credentials, degenerated to such low levels that they kept headlines like ‘ Hindu woman’s body as battle ground for Hindu right wing ‘ and accused Hindu men for misogyny to  suffering under inferiority complex ( as they are feeling humiliation that Hindu women are choosing Muslim men – this is what wrote ).  Infact, media after media competed with each other in making satire s out of ‘LOVE JIHAD’. Its clear from reading these articles that they were not interested in any honest discussion or debate as they mouthed cheap rhetoric e.g wrote, ‘But like all great urban myths the Love Jihad persists. It persists because the bodies of women can prove to be a far more potent polarizing and organizing tool than even a Ram Temple.’  The standing belief among these ‘progressives’ is that the more they ridicule Hindus esp. Hindu men better their credentials as secular-liberalists established.  And these articles are also mean to foster self-loathing among young Hindus and in time, they too eventually suffer from the syndrome of seeing self-loathing as a sign of progressiveness and liberal and secular credentials.

Perhaps, what these intellectuals, there is hardly any intelligence in them though, do not realize is that the more ridiculous things they say about Hindu men and LOVE JIHAD, the more they expose Islam’s fascist leanings. If Hindus, i.e. Hindu men or Hindu right wing, oppose those Hindu-Muslim marriages, it only speaks about those right wing organizations . But Islam prohibiting such marriages and imposing such restrictions on its women while passing such privileges to Muslim men is based at the very ground level in the sense that these rules and regulations are mentioned in Koran. WHO COULD TELL THESE ‘PROGRESSIVES’ AND ‘LIBERALS’ THAT WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT HINDU RIGHT WING APPLIES TO THE WHOLE ISLAM AND THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY ? And of course, media can never mention this double standard of Islam and its fascist implications, just like it can not report about Hindu boys getting killed just because they were in love with Muslim girls. Just feel this : To buttress India as secular and plural, media has to resort to so much censoring, twisting and concealing the truth about Islam and Muslims ?

Israel-Palestine conflict : What Indian media will not tell Hindus to keep them secular !

This present conflict gave an excellent opportunity for many Hindus to show their secular credentials by condemning Israel. In their views, as told by Indian media, Israel is the aggressor and killing innocent Muslim women and children. Many protests against perceived aggression by Israel were organized by leftists and Muslim Bollywood people. From ‘ever victim Muslim’ SRK to ‘neo-Muslim’ Mahesh Bhatt, we saw tweets.

Knowing NDTV and its “secular” credentials, I kept my comment on this news item to the minimum with a simple statement as this, ‘How much readers (Indians) know about Hamas ? How many people have read its covenant ( its charter )? Please try to know these before commenting here and blaming Israel.‘ Even this comment could not be passed by moderators at NDTV.

I know NDTV and its perversion of  journalistic ethics when it comes to reporting about Muslim terrorism. Four years back, its silence on Deganga communal riots taught  me about true state of Indian media esp. English one.

Coming to Israel-Palestine conflict, our media coverage was one sided, but not surprising. Considering that media can not tell anything negative about Islam and Muslims, it was left to bloggers like me to unravel the truth by presenting Islamic antisemitism and the truth about Hamas – a terrorist organization on social platforms.  Continue reading →

Indian Sufism peaceful !! Amir Khusru – the great SUFI poet

Indian Express’s headline reads, ‘Two exhibitions on Amir Khusrau celebrate the pluralist philosopher‘. Pluralist philosopher !! There are numerous web sites too dedicated to Amir Khusru, describing him as pluralist and as a Sufi saint. Aparna Chatterjee, another expert on Indian culture and music, describes him as a saint, spiritualist, poet, composer and a historian and that the world view of Amir Khusru is of ‘SECULARISM’. But a major Indian news paper describing Amir Khusru as pluralistic is indicative of the kind of propaganda (or by concealing and distorting history of Islamic rule in India) that Indian Hindus were subjected to by alliance of leftist-inspired and Nehruvian historians. But it is Bollywood which should be credited with creating and taking the myth that Sufism was peaceful to ordinary people. To say that Sufism in India is peaceful and non-violent is insulting to Indian culture and humanity when its (Sufism’s) history is shrouded with blood, violence and unlimited hatred and intolerance towards Hindus and others. Continue reading →