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Radical Islam vs. Islam !!!

Talk about Islam in Afghanistan, they say it is not Islam but Talibanism.

When we talk about Islam in Saudi Arabia ( or Iran ), they say it is not Islam but Wahabism or Salafism.

Then, the Islam of ISIS or Al-Qaeda or Boko Haram or Jamaat e Islami or Indian Mujahideen? They say it is Radical Islam or Islamism or Militant Islam.

Intrinsic to all these claims is their underlying assumption of existence of some form of Islam which is ‘true’ Islam. ( 1 ) With the infields, the problem is not of their love towards Islam but their hatred towards their own culture that makes them blind to what faces them.

The more relevant question is where do the beliefs of those Islamic outfits come from ? Of course, they get them from Koran and the life of Prophet Mohammad. But is it legal doctrinally and traditionally ?

Just 6 months back, Heena Khan, a Muslim woman, in the wake of Paris attacks, writes in The Hindustan Times, ‘ Why its time to go back to Islam’s holy book’, purely an apologist piece and incredibly stupid.

Now, she really thinks ISIS hasn’t read Koran or doesn’t know the basics of Islam ? The chief and the founder of ISIS, Baghdadi, has a doctorate in Islamic theology from a very reputed Islamic college. Similarly, the movement of Talibanism, born in madrassas which teach Deobandi theology, proud contribution of Indian Muslims, is ignorant of basics of Islam ? Deobandi seminary school, the largest in India, doesn’t know Koran and Islam, Heena Khan wants us to believe !

Tufail Ahmad writes a more honest piece in The New Indian Express, ‘How to Combat Global Islamism’ . For him, the radicalization of Muslims is the real problem. And he quotes, ‘Islam does not allow Muslims to fully integrate with local communities; as a system of ideas, Islam is designed to essentially separate Muslims from the practices of non-Muslims.’ Partially true. More appropriate observation is, ‘Islam makes an obligation on all Muslims to impose their beliefs on all others.’

If those beliefs come from Radical Islam or constitute Radical Islam, and radicalization poses a danger, then the Radical Islam merits a simple analysis, starting from ‘what is it?’.

To understand and analyze this, we can group the prevailing opinions in the world about Islam like this:
1. Radical Islam is a new phenomenon, born in 1920 s, as a reaction to Western Imperialism.
2. Islam is always like this i.e. from the time it was born.

Erudite scholars ( ‘apologists’ is the better word to describe them ) keep writing that Radical Islam was born when Abul Ala Maududi found Jamaat e Islami in India and Hassan al Banna found Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Both the events took place in 1920 s. For these scholars, the concept of Islam of Jamaat e Islami and Muslim Brotherhood is ‘RADICAL ISLAM’ and it means ‘reading the Koran and following Prophet Mohammad’. In broader terms, it involves reading the Koran literally and interpreting it in the light of teachings and deeds of Prophet Mohammad.

According to modern day English dictionaries, the word ‘RADICAL’ has these meanings :

1. Departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme or drastic

2. Arising from or going to a root or source; basic says ‘If something is considered extremist or very different from anything that has come before it, call it radical.’

So, in the views of these scholars, although Radical Islam is based on Koran and Prophet Mohammad, it is a new phenomenon and a departure from main stream Islam; Islam was never understood like that before. If we take radical’s meaning as root, Radical Islam means Islam going to its root i.e. Koran and Prophet Mohammad.

Some better informed ‘scholars’ trace the origins of this ‘Radical Islam’ to the 18nth century i.e. to the time when Wahabbism appeared in Saudi Arabia. These ‘scholars’ too suggest that wahabbis were reading the Koran literally and interpreting it using the life of Prophet Mohammad.

Few apologists for Islamic Supremacism from Britain say that Maududi’s Jamaat e Islami is rooted in the philosophy of ‘Muslim Revivalism’ that began at the time of the collapse of the Mughal empire. This movement of ‘Muslim Revivalism’ is attributed to Shah Wali-Allah ( d. 1762 ), who also defined Islam as reading Koran and following Prophet Mohammad. Though he was born in India (Patna), he travelled to Mecca and Medina where he must have been exposed to teachings of Radical Islam (? ). These scholars say that his followers waged jihad against British in India and hence its influence on Maududi. You see, implicit message in their statement is ‘British Imperialism is responsible for creation of Jamaat e Islami or Radical Islam in India.’ ( 2 ) Is it a crime or communalism to ask what should be said about Shah Wali-Allah’s calls for Jihad against Hindus and Sikhs ?

Few of these scholars even suggest that wahabbism can be traced to the influence of 14 nth century Islamic scholar Ibn Thimmayya who formalized that to be a good Muslim, one should read Koran and to understand and follow it one should find a model and that model is Prophet Mohammad. So, these were the teachings Shah Wali-Allah must have been exposed to when he was in Medina or Mecca.
So, this is when Radical Islam was born.

Now, we have to ask if this claim is in conformity with other Islamic materials. We ask this simple question : So, is the concept of Jihad was born in 1300s with Ibn Thimmayya ? No. All jusrists and scholars before Ibn Thimmayya have defined Jihad just as Ibn Thimmayya did e.g. Abu Yusuf and Averroes.

More over, Sharia was codified before the 9 nth century itself and all 4 schools of Islamic thought were unanimous on Jihad and defined it just like Ibn Thimmayya did.

It is not simple coincidence that opinions of all Islamic jurists and Islamic scholars converge on the topics like Jihad, jizya and Dhimmah and apostasy. Their outlook with regard to other faiths remains the same : rejection and oppression i.e. Islam should dominate all.
And the methodology applied in reaching their opinions also was always the same : Interpreting Koran using the life of Prophet Mohammad.
All this only shows Radical Islam is a myth. There is nothing radical about beliefs of those Islamic outfits. The phrases like Radical Islam or Militant Islam or the -ism s like Wahabbism and Islamism are modern day inventions to keep the non-Muslims in ignorance to faciliate the advance of Jihad.



1. Then, we see some people, in defence of Islam, saying, ‘ they ( i.e. Islamic terrorists ) misinterpreted Koran and Hadith ‘ or ‘there are diff. interpretations of Koran’ ! This is pure BS because there is only one interpretation of Islam i.e. Koran and that was done by Prophet Mohammad himself. Regarding misinterpreting Koran, Muslims are forgetting what they claim i.e. Koran is the word from none other than ONLY TRUE GOD who proclaims Koran is easy to read and understand, and is simple and unambigous. The TRUE MASTER I.E. ALLAH unambigously tells his slaves i.e. Muslims to follow and obey Prophet Mohammad in not less than 90 verses and EVEN ANNOUNCES THE LIFE OF MOHAMMAD iS AN EXAMPLE FOR ALL MUSLIMS TO FOLLOW. This interpretation is clear and those suggesting otherewise are either pure liars or ignorant.

2. Shah Wali-Allah is hailed as a sufi saint and as a reformer by all Muslim scholars in India and there are about 100 books written in his praise by modern Muslim scholars. They all say that he was the inaugurator of ‘Muslim Revivalism’ and hail him as one of the half a dozen topmost interpreters of true Islam. One such ardent admirer of Shah Wali-Allah is Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Prof. Aziz Ahmad says, ‘Shah Wali-Allah forms a bridge between medieval and modern Islam in India.’

Revivalism is a misnomer to describe the philosophy or the efforts of Shah Wali-Allah. He called upon all the Muslims for all-out Jihad against Hindus for reducing them to a state of humiliation. The objective of that Jihad was to restore Islamic authority over India again. Towards this, he wrote letters to Muslim nobles and Muslim generals for warfare against Hindus and Sikhs. Muslim scholars who published these letters in their books conveniently deleted Shah Wali-Allah’s statements on Hindus and Hinduism. These modern Muslim scholars, who are regarded as secular in our MSM and polity, having clamied that Islam teaches peace and harmony, never repudiate Shah Wali-Allah on Jihad and what he wrote. Shah Wali-Allah writes, ‘It has become clear to my mind that the kingdom of heaven has pre-destined that kafirs ( Hindus here ) should be reduced to a state of humiliation and treated with utter contempt.’

SAA Rizvi summarizes Shah Wali’s doctrine of Jihad ( as written in his arabic work ‘Hujjat-Allah al-Baligha’ ) : “According to Shah Wali-Allah the mark of the perfect implementation of the Sharia was the performance of jihad. There were people, said the Shah, who indulged in their lower nature by following their ancestral religion, ignoring the advice and commands of the Prophet Mohammed. If one chose to explain Islam to people like this it was to do them a disservice. Force, said the Shah, was the better course – Islam should be forced down their throats like bitter medicine to a child. This, however, was possible only if the leaders of the non-Muslim communities who failed to accept Islam were killed, the strength of the community was reduced, their property confiscated and a situation was created which led to their followers and descendants willingly accepting Islam. Another means of ensuring conversions was to prevent other religious communities from worshipping their own gods. Moreover, unfavourable discriminating laws should be imposed on non-Muslims in matters of rule of retaliation, compensation for manslaughter, and marriage and political matters. However, the proselytization programme of Shah Wali-Allah only included the leaders of the Hindu community. The low class of the infidels, according to him, were to be left alone to work in the fields and for paying jiziya. They like beasts of burden and agricultural livestock were to be kept in abject misery and despair.”
(Francis Robinson, Separatism Among Indian Muslims, Delhi, 1975, p. 346.)

Hardly any revivalism that can be said as secular or plural, and when Muslim scholars hold him in high esteem that betrays their mind set, isn’t it ? Yet, they are held as champions of secularism or pluralism by our intellectuals ! Much worse to follow. Shah Wali-Allah and his ( late to come ) Jihadist followers are portrayed as revolutionaries by our ’eminent’ historians i.e. Marxists. That is the true face of Indian Secularism.


The question is never about whether or not Viswaroopam insults Islam !

When I was looking at responses of critics or self-styled custodians of secularism or intellectuals to this theater of absurd I came across this:  ‘Does Vishwaroopam really insult Islam?‘  It wasn’t bad considering that atleast the author of this piece questioned integrity of those Muslims threatening with violence. But he does a strange thing: He literally tells what Islam should be rather than what it is and how Muslims understand Koran, and all this by making infelicitous assumptions. 

To start with, the problem is how does any one so definitively defines what is ‘insult’ ! It is highly subjective. If one brings this indeterminate and obscure concept and condition the right to freedom of expression on it then it is not difficult to see that the person who defines and legalizes ‘insult’ and takes the responsibility for enforcing it holds the sway over entire discourse of communication. That  person is literally God. Continue reading →

Indian Secularism ‘lightens’ as Muslims hurl petrol-bombs at theaters showing ‘Viswaroopam’

So, Islamic Jihad to bring India under Islamic rule again advances uncontested.  As Islam is authoritarian religion and ideology together, it must must get a grip on society. The first thing that Muslims do is, as part of Jihad, shutting down free speech that expresses dissent and criticism, especially if the speech questions and exposes Islamic terrorism and its Supremacist (fascist) teachings. After all, infidels staying in ignorance about real motives of Muslims and the nature of Koranic teachings all the more makes Islamic Jihad easy. So, Muslims take any questioning of their actions, opinions and decisions as insult to Islam, the only truth, and also a threat to its advancement. Continue reading →

Thanks to ‘stealth Jihadist’ Shah Rukh Khan, India gets a lesson from Pakistan on treating religious minorities! And for once we should follow Pakistan’s example

SRK is a Muslim, so one should not be surprised about his whining and complaining. And this is not the first time that he is seeking victim status and subsequent cheap publicity. Indian Muslims will always be unhappy until and unless Islam starts ruling India again, Muslims reign as superior and Hindus and Non-Muslims are humiliated under Sharia. Islamic belief itself holds that mere presence of disbelief in Islam is an act of aggression on Islam and Muslims. And it is hard to miss the necessity on part of any media seeking an interview with some one who entered in to brawl with security personnel on duty in a drunken state. And not to forget slapping co-stars for   the reason…. is it that that co-star married a Muslim woman ! But he is a Muslim and in India, that identity is an excuse to be uncivilized and unlawful and yet, those should be overlooked for the same reason – that special identity. Didn’t we see entire media writing  ‘allegedly’ when pictures and videos of SRK manhandling security guards were available ? Yes, that is the rueful state of India and our media. Continue reading →

Sharia triumphs in Tamilnadu; Kamal Hassan tastes his own stupidity deservedly as screening of ‘Viswaroopam’ withheld for two weeks

PFI, Popular Front of India, the group behind the incident of  chopping off hands of a Professor in Kerala 3 years back and many other Islamic Jihad activities, says it wants to make India an Islamic republic i.e. Muslim majority nation and make Sharia law as the supreme law of nation replacing existing constitution (here, here).

An Indian Muslim who helped 26/11 terrorists in Mumbai has clearly mentioned his objectives, his beliefs and reasons behind his actions  (here):

Jindal….. told interrogators that the 2008 Mumbai carnage was a part of his devotion for his religious duty called jihad. He told interrogators that the word jihad appears 41 times in the Quran and frequently in the idiomatic expression “striving in the way of god (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)”.

“It’s a religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad…. especially for the purpose of advancing Islam and repelling evil from Muslims.”

Indian Mujahideen, an Islamic terrorist group responsible for many bomb blasts in various Indian cities, regularly quotes verses from Koran in support of  its terrorist activities and its ultimate goal- which cab be read from the reasons why US banned it and designated it as a terrorist group (here):

It said the group maintained close ties to Pakistani-based groups on the terrorism list, and had as its goal attacks against non-Muslims with the ultimate aim of creating an Islamic caliphate across South Asia.

‘Creating Islamic caliphate in India’ or ‘Making India a Muslim nation’  or ‘To make Sharia law as the supreme law of India’, they are all same. Under Sharia, Muslims are superior;  Hindus and other Non-Muslims gets the treatment worse than animals as they have to abide by most humiliating conditions. Under Sharia, Non-Muslims are not supposed to criticize any aspect of Islam or Islamic law i.e. Sharia law. Continue reading →

Hindu Muslim inter-religious marriages (11): Another Hindu boy, Dipankar Roy (22), killed for marrying a Muslim girl



(Islam allows Muslim men to marry Non-Muslim women but advocates killing of Non-Muslim men who marry Muslim women.)

This is the third or fourth incident this year I can recall in which, a Hindu boy was killed for loving or marrying a Muslim girl. But how much of this appeared in media? Nil.But remember all that 24 hour coverage of Rizwanur-Priyanka case and all those candle light marches by secular Hindus and Muslims?One can not really blame Muslims if they do not take out candle light marches here because media itself blacked out this news, just like it conceals entire Jihad of Indian Muslims.Can you recall NDTV, which never utters a single sentence about Islamic terrorism (Jihad), stooping to low level of falsifying things in its report i.e. when Assam MLA married a Muslim and beaten by mob, it expressed outrage at interference of politics in co called ‘love’, refusing to mention that woman never divorced her first husband – so at the best it amounts to prostitution, this in accordance with ruling of Supreme court.Can we recall the entire media making a massive coverage of Kareena marrying Saif as if it is an occasion for celebration – a secular festival ! Continue reading →

Muslim apostate beheaded in Somalia

What happened to the tall Islamic claim of ‘No compulsion in religion’ ?

Muslim apologists and their Hindu friends (leftists, liberals, secular s and feminists) still might say Koran does not sanction death penalty for apostasy (i.e. act of Muslim leaving Islam to another faith) to conceal incompatibility of secularism, pluralism and liberalism with Islam. Whether Koran sanctions death for apostasy is debatable as Abdul Ala Maududi, the most popular Islamic scholar in Indian sub-continent, says Koran does it in many verses. Continue reading →

Are Muslim clerics responsible for Islamic extremism by misinterpreting Koran? Is there moderate Islam?

One good thing is that Hindus becoming aware of Islamic doctrines is increasing in number, albeit slowly. While some still attribute Islamic extremism they come across to Muslim clerics and believe vast majority of Indian Muslims (or Muslims) are followers of moderate Islam, without knowing if there is such version. I like to point out that concept of existence of moderate Islam is different from that of existence of moderate Muslims.

(Note: By moderate Islam I mean Islam that is not calling Muslims to wage war aganst Non-Muslims and to subjugate them under Islamic sacred law (SHARIA LAW), which is not intolerant towards Non-Muslims and which doesn’t support social evils like triple talaaq, veiling, apostasy and blasphemy. Here I focus only on Islam with respect to Non-Muslims, leaving other topics like triple talaaq and veiling.) Continue reading →


Happy Diwali to all Hindus

Hoping light of freedom  and TRUTH reaches all Hindus

Bogus claim: Muslims take to extremism because they are illiterate

So called Muslim terrorists happened to be educated and most are English speaking. What we have here is another instance of evidence that proves Islamic ‘extremism’ has nothing to do with illiteracy, poverty and unemployment among Muslims. These reasons were artificially created, promoted and perpetuated by vested interests in media and politicians to explain away Islamic extremism for their own self serving ends. Continue reading →