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Israel-Palestine conflict : What Indian media will not tell Hindus to keep them secular !

This present conflict gave an excellent opportunity for many Hindus to show their secular credentials by condemning Israel. In their views, as told by Indian media, Israel is the aggressor and killing innocent Muslim women and children. Many protests against perceived aggression by Israel were organized by leftists and Muslim Bollywood people. From ‘ever victim Muslim’ SRK to ‘neo-Muslim’ Mahesh Bhatt, we saw tweets.

Knowing NDTV and its “secular” credentials, I kept my comment on this news item to the minimum with a simple statement as this, ‘How much readers (Indians) know about Hamas ? How many people have read its covenant ( its charter )? Please try to know these before commenting here and blaming Israel.‘ Even this comment could not be passed by moderators at NDTV.

I know NDTV and its perversion of  journalistic ethics when it comes to reporting about Muslim terrorism. Four years back, its silence on Deganga communal riots taught  me about true state of Indian media esp. English one.

Coming to Israel-Palestine conflict, our media coverage was one sided, but not surprising. Considering that media can not tell anything negative about Islam and Muslims, it was left to bloggers like me to unravel the truth by presenting Islamic antisemitism and the truth about Hamas – a terrorist organization on social platforms.  Continue reading →


War and peace in Islam, and Jihad, as explained by a Muslim professor – Majid Khadduri; Islamic world view

islamicsThe social media is full of such pictures showing Muslims protesting by holding such banners. But main stream media, sunk in political correctness and politics of multicultural and secularism, and never wanting to hurt the hyper sensitive Muslims,   has no problem with such pictures. And the same media excoriates those who speak against Islamic Supremacism and show pictures like the above one, and labels them as Islamophobes.

The ultimate objective of Islam and Muslims is to bring the entire world under Islamic rule (Sharia law), where in Muslims are superior and Non-Muslims are designated as second rate humans. The efforts put up Muslims to realize this ultimate Islamic objective is Jihad.

Most Hindus have difficulty in believing that Islamic holy scriptures exhort Muslims to wage Jihad against Non-Muslims, even when I quote verses from  Koran and show hadith (sayings and deeds) as proof. They still wanted to believe Islam preaches harmony and mutual respect.

Just few days back pamphlets of PFI – Popular Front of India, Islam based political party – ( media promotes this as a political party seeking unity of Muslims and Dalits) seized by Kerala police say that making Kerala and India an Islamic state should be the aim of Muslims.

A picture floating on facebook, downloaded by me from a Muslim’s page, is this (SIO stands for Students Islamic Organization):

536335_301223649943360_118878048177922_697616_1828710423_nStill Hindus want to believe such Muslims are terrorists and are in perversion of true teachings of Islam.

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What is Jihad ? An Islamic website says it is more than a spiritual struggle !

For those willing to inquire about Islam and its teachings honestly, this article by Muslims (present day Islamic scholars) should explain what is Jihad.

The questioner, a Muslim, poses the question to Islamic scholars:

Does Jihad only and simply mean to kill non Muslims?‘. Continue reading →

Terrorism has no religion !

Media keeps screaming Terrorism has no religion ! When we understand that terrorism, using violence and force or threats of force and violence,  is not an end but means to achieving political or religious objectives, how should we try to understand that sentence ? Can it mean that terrorism is not justified by any religion nor taught by any religion ? But what if the God tells that highest form of devotion to him is fighting and kill others or getting killed? Yes, that is Allah of Koran, Islamic God.

Much of the time people assume that actions of Muslim terrorists are against the teachings of Islam and are not Muslims because in their view terrorism has no religion. Why? Because media said so or some one said so. But, why not find out yourselves by reading Islamic scriptures, like Koran and Hadith, and about present day Islamic world ! Why depend all the time blindly on what some one is saying ? This post is just meant for that purpose, to give synopsis of hatred and violence against Non-Muslims in Islamic scriptures, Koran and Sahih Hadith (Hadith contains sayings and deeds of Prophet Mohammad), though it is advised that people read Koran and find out hatred and violence towards Non-Muslims in Koran by themselves.  Continue reading →