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A 12 year old Hindu girl in Pakistan kidnapped and forced to marry a Muslim man after conversion to Islam !

The age of that Hindu girl  is 12 years as per the girl’s parents . And this kind of news of kidnapping of Hindu and Christian girls is not new. It keeps on happening until few remaining Hindus in Pakistan disappeared too, and only at times we hear these kidnapping, of course allegedly, in the media. And these reports are always followed by, as Indian media too loves to report in such manner, comments such as ‘not kidnapped but Hindu girls eloped’. Even if they are of 10 or 12 years old ! ( here )

Two years back, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported that 20 to 25 Hindu girls are kidnapped every month and are married to Muslim men after forcible conversion.

On an average around 20 to 25 Hindu girls are being forcibly converted to Islam every month in the southern Sindh province, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has said.  — The Hindu reported.

Do not judge  ‘ The Hindu ‘ being communal based on above lines for the  report contains Indian ‘secular fodder’ with respect to the famous case of Rinkel Kumari (  here   and  here ). Very few times, we can even say that reporting of Pakistan’s media is much better than how Indian media reports on these cases.  Continue reading →


Pakistani Christian killed for falling in love with a Muslim girl

Islam prohibits Muslim women from marrying Non-Muslim men while it allows Muslim men to marry Non-Muslim women and bring their children as Muslims. Islamic law prescribes death penalty for any Non-Muslim man developing any kind of relation with Muslim woman.

So, Muslims in Pakistan killing Christian is hardly surprising. And this, Muslims killing Hindu men who develop a kind of relation with Muslim women  – Ramesh , Rajilish , Jithu Mohan  and Dipankar, happens in India too and this kind of news is seldom reported by media. The same media has not dithered in sensationalizing Rizwanur-Priyanka  case when they covered it 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The same media made Kareena (Safeena)- Saif marriage a secular national festival. Is there any other country where politicians attend such functions and media putting those pictures on front pages ? And never mind those Hindu girls putting those pictures on their facebook pages either.

One might find few cases of Muslim girls marrying  Non-Muslim men in Non-Muslim nations, even this is insignificant in comparison to Muslim men marrying Non-Muslim girls, but one can not find this kind in Muslim nations. Most Muslim nations simply out law such marriages.

Christian Boy Was Killed Due To An Affair With Muslim Girl

A Christian boy named Mard-e-Khuda, resident of Tehsil Haroonabad, District Bahawalpur, aged 19 years was barbarically assassinated on 9th January2013. He was falsely accused of having an affair with a Muslim girl.

The local young Muslims had threatened him and they also used to proclaim openly that they will kill Mard-e-Khuda. On 9th January 2013, three Muslim men named Muhammad Shafique, Illyas(Eidoo) and Sufiyan broke into his house and brutally assassinated him at 5.30 a.m. Illyas and Sufiyan gripped his hands and legs tightly and Mohammad Shafique hit his head with an axe. Afterwards Illyas and Sufiyan also stabbed him with a dagger. In the meanwhile Mard-e-Khuda’s father woke up and as he started shouting and crying, the culprits ran from the spot.

On the same day an FIR bearing no.7/13 under section 302/34 was registered against them in Faqeerwali Police Station Bahawalpur. Unfortunately the Police is cooperating with the culprits and they have not yet arrested Mohammad Shafique, Illyas and Sufiyan. All three of them are living in the same vicinity and the police is not taking any action against them, even the S.H.O stated that such Christian who was having an affair with a Muslim girl was rightly killed by the Muslims………

That boy was rightly killed by the Muslims ! Why did he say that ? Because Koran said that.