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Prophet Mohammad abolished slavery !!!

The following case illustrates how Muslim spokesmen lie so blatantly, and how willingly infidel main stream media become the vehicle for these blatant and outright lies to be perpetuated on non-Muslims.

Reza Aslan ! Yes…that’s the name ¬†of the fellow I am talking about. One can read how obnoxious, arrogant and dishonest he is from HERE . He claims that he is an Islamic scholar. His essays and articles keep appearing in major publications in US. He appears in major news channels, and nothing that comes out from his mouth can ever be truthful. But then, he is a Muslim in service of Islamic Supremacism. But, what about main stream media in the ‘so called’ free world which carry these sentences, actually lies and half truths, as if they are 100% true and represent Islamic teachings as found in Koran and the life of Prophet Mohammad ? Continue reading →